Macspiration 95
A Mini Macspiration – Deleting Bookmarks in Safari

Have you ever wanted to get rid of some bookmarks in Safari. Maybe your list is just getting out of control, or there are just some websites you never visit anymore. This Mini Macspiration will tell you how to delete those unwanted bookmarks in a few quick steps.

1. In Safari go to the Bookmarks menu and choose “Show All Bookmarks.”

2. Your bookmarks will either be under Bookmarks Menu or Bookmarks Toolbar in the left hand column.

3. Click one of these and a list off bookmarks will show up on the right.

4. Click the one you want to get rid of and press Delete.

You can also Control+Click and choose delete from the menu that pops up.

That’s it! It is as simple as that!

Other browsers, like Camino or Firefox, have a similar process for deleting bookmarks. It won’t be exactly the same, but it will be close.

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