Luxeline Snakeskin Case for iPod Nano

Luxeline Snakeskin Case for iPod Nano- Glamour
Company: Case-Mate
Price: US $49.99

The Luxeline Snakeskin Case for the iPod Nano by Case-Mate is not for everyone. If you like snakeskin or reptiles, this might be the case for you. The case I got for review is called Glamour and is mostly a white snakeskin leather with gray scales in spots.

Looks aside, the case is one of the more protective cases I have tried for any iPod. The outside is snakeskin leather, and Case-Mate states that no two are exactly alike. The inside has a textured rubber-like surface that protects your Nano from scratching when inserting the iPod or removing it. It also keeps the iPod from sliding out of the case. The case itself is a hard case and is fairly thick for an iPod case. It definitely feels like it will do a good job protecting the iPod Nano.

I tested the case with a first generation Nano, and it fit perfectly. It was easy to put into the case, and just as easy to remove. Ports are easily accessed through the opening in the bottom of the case. The case is not compatible with the new iPod Nanos, but I have been told that the company is working on new cases for that line.

The packaging for the case is some of the best I have ever seen. As an artist and graphic designer, I was really impressed. It comes in a black, heavyweight box which is closed by a magnetic latch. The latch has a metallic snakeskin texture, and it opens two doors on the box. Inside the box the case is tucked away in a fabric pouch, surrounded by walls of a black velour type of fabric. The packaging alone would get five stars, if this was a review for that.

The Case-Mate Glamour does fall short in a couple areas. (1) There is no screen protector or scroll-wheel protection. Almost all cases these days come with some sort of protection for these parts of the iPod, even if it is just an overlay. (2)There is no belt clip. A belt clip is another must for an iPod case, in my opinion. (3) The snakeskin texture of the case feels very fragile. It feels like it will tear off if the case is rubbed the wrong way. (4) Finally, the case itself really smells bad. I guess it is from the leather, and I have a sensitive nose, but the odor coming from the case is awful.

At $49.99 the iPod Nano Snakeskin Leather Case – Glamour is a bit pricey and not something I can recommend for everyone. It is definitely not for the person that is going be active/exercising while using the iPod Nano. However, if snakeskin is your thing it might be for you. It is also available in black (Shimmer) and available for the full sized iPods. rating 3.5 out of 5

Sturdy protective case for the iPod Nano (or full sized iPod)
Great packaging
First generation Nano fits perfectly into the case and is easily removed

No belt clip
No click wheel or screen protection
The texture feels fragile
The case really smells bad
A little pricey


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