Apple just killed Virtual PC

In a bold move, Apple released Boot Camp, an application that will allow you to install and run Windows XP SP2 on your Intel Mac, providing you are running Mac OS 10.4.6.

Rather than the hack that was released a few weeks ago, however, Apple has taken the steps to get all the technologies on the Intel Macs running, including video drivers, airport, and even the Eject Key on Mac keyboards. More, with this solution from Apple, it is no longer necessary to segment your hard drive: Apple provides the means to install XP on the Mac using the existing hard drive partition, and uses a slide control to let the users determine the size of the Windows faux partition. More, it will also allow you to completely delete Windows XP partition once you realize that XP brings nothing to the table you can’t already do with Mac OS X.

For more information and to download the free application, check out

Interestingly enough, Apple has shown part of their OS X 10.5 (Leopard) plans by stating this will indeed be a part of the next major OS release.
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