PodCast for 3-10-05 – Episode #10

Download the MP3 PodCast HERE.

Show Notes for 3.10.05 PodCast

This PodCast sponsored by Small Dog Electronics!

Contest Winner: Jeffery Jeffrey Millern of Chambersburg, PA! Jeff will soon be the proud owner of the Digital Fidelity One speaker system from Rogersound Labs! If you did not win, fear not, we will be holding another contest on NEXT weeks PodCast for yet another set of the Digital Fidelity Speakers!

Sony PSP to connect to Mac!

Sony’s new iPod Shuffle contender, the Network Walkman flash Players via

iTunes Music Subscription?

This Weeks Contest answers were… Listen to the PodCast to find out!

This is the debut of the Not Mac News minute with Chris Seibold! This week, Walken and Windows software running on Mac OS X!

Apple re-entering the PDA market? Yes, according to

Tim tests the equipment (courtesy of!) for our next MacMOD video. Yes, a Mac mini and a Samsung 17” CRT monitor.

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