Rock Star

Rock Star
Company: Freshly Squeezed Software

Price: $9.00 (US)

I have a love for music that goes beyond the average person. At least, I believe that is true. And I enjoy all kinds of different types of music, leaving off Opera and most Country Music. My eclectic tastes are reflected with a quick trip to my iTunes music library, where you will find, as of last count, 5,236 songs. And that is after weeding out a ton of songs I know I will probably never listen to.

While browsing the net the other day, I came across the Freshly Squeezed Software site, and found the program Rock Star. The caption reads “It’s you against the music” on the main page, and that was enough to intrigue me.

Rock Star is a single or multi-person music game that uses your very own iTunes library in a very new and innovative way. Do you remember the old game show “Name That Tune”? Neither do I, way before my time. But the concept is similar here. Rock Star will play clips of your own iTunes music library, and give you five multiple-choice answers.

The game gives you the choice of game play. You can either guess song title, artist, album, or a mixed bag of all three. During game play, you are presented with five choices, and the goal is to correctly answer in the shortest amount of time as possible. During game play, there is a counter the quickly counts down, so that when you make a correct selection, you are awarded the time left of the counter.

Multi-player games, or “Party Games” as they are called, are a great deal of fun as well. Here, you can have up to five teams, and you rotate teams every five songs. The highest scoring team wins. As the title suggests, this is a fun party game.

It sounded simple enough. Really, if it is using your very own music library, music you listen to all the time, it should be simple as can be. Trust me when I say, though, that it is anything but. I know my music, and I am stumped often.

Rock Star is a very addictive and fun game, and the cost is not only affordable, but well worth the investment in a small software publishing company that is making some great strides in creativity and functionality. Hats off to Freshly Squeezed Software! Rating: 5 out of 5

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