Bill Gates is a Pod Zombie?

I have observed Microsoft for a long time now. My life seems forever to be moving further into isolation and despair. I am finally alone, living in the most obscure part of the desert. Why? I fear for the future. I fear for us all. I fear that Redmond will one day soon have all of the people of our planet completely in their control, or rather under the control of whoever controls them.

I wasn’t always like this. Once I had a normal life. But something about Redmond, and Mr. Gates, always bothered me. More horrifically, it was the way all my friends began to rigorously use Microsoft products, in spite of how bad it all was.

I somehow could not let it rest. I could not let it be. I began to investigate on my own, what it was that was happening to everyone, for when it came to anything Microsoft, everyone I knew acted like zombies. They still do.

I think I know why now.

My evolving take on Bill and Microsoft is that perhaps something awful once happened to that young man, a former student at Harvard with a bright future. It is a sad story that fills me with an increasing horror that what happened to him may be going to happen to us all.

I believe the young Bill Gates found some alien artifact in the burning desert of New Mexico a long time ago. It probably looks like a black piece of lava. He was fascinated with whatever it was that he found. He took it home with him, and it was then that he suddenly dropped out of Harvard, left all his friends and family, and isolated himself with whatever this artifact was.

It could be that as he examined it and played with it, he heard voices, or perhaps new and unusual thoughts poured into his mind. It was as if the artifact was taking over his life. Maybe it promised profound secrets to him that slowly seduced him. Perhaps it also taught him things. As he might have spent more time with it, and as he learned to decrypt the artifact, it took over his mind and changed him forever.

If this is true, then it may have been the thing that helped him gain sudden and surprising control over a large computer company. Oh, not to own it, but to control and infiltrate every product that company produced. That company, as we all know, was IBM.

Of course everyone he hired, and the few friends he had, seemed all to be secretly, equally mesmerized by the artifact, that likely remains still hidden in his office desk.

Could it be that the artifact taught him to write and release some software to the public through his company? Strangely, everyone that used his software somehow continued to buy everything this young man produced, regardless of its value or its quality. That made him a multi-millionaire.

The public somehow eagerly continues to buy everything he sells, even to this day, don’t they? How illogical of everyone, right? Or are the impelled to do so because of some unseen force? You know what I am talking about, don’t you? You all know people, friends and family who act like zombies when it comes to blindly using Microsoft products, and how they resist you telling them to stop.

Of course the software he give us is always buggy, amazingly so! Perhaps there is something in the software itself that hypnotizes most everyone into using it anyway, without complaint.

Bill is a billionaire now, and perhaps he also continues to be hypnotized and directed by this alien artifact. Maybe that is why he is forced to periodically release ever evolving bloatware that might contain more and more of this alien code. If true, it will take over more and more of our lives and our time. What is its evil purpose?

His minions at Redmond likely know something of what is going on, and they are continually experimenting with gaining control of all of us, so they keep on releasing many Ôpatches’ and Ôupdates’ to see if they have gained the upper hand over us yet.

And most everyone uses Windows, and they all automatically download every one of those patches like good little zombies, don’t they? Perhaps because the code tells them to, right? How else could everyone so willingly submit to being experimented on?

My theory is most likely correct. Or else I am being forced by Steven Spielberg to watch TAKEN yet again! I didn’t like it the first time! (There goes another 20 hours out of my life!)

How odd!

I also wonder if there are more of those alien artifacts around?

What is more odd, is that almost everyone continues to avidly watch and listen to the likes of Madonna, Spears and J-Lo, even though those people couldn’t possibly be famous for any logical reason. It must be a conspiracy!

It is also very odd, and it is not logical or even believable, that the RIAA and Congress could successfully be taking away all our liberties they way that they do, and we as red blooded Americans do not all rise up and fight them! Tell me I am wrong about this!

Therefore I began to suspect that Chris Carter really did have a message for us with his excellent X-Files television series. He was secretly in public trying to warn us about Gates and ‘Company’ taking over our world.

I fight the future in my own way.

I continue to use the least hypnotic version of Windows; which is Windows 2000 on an isolated machine. Somehow it doesn’t give me such bad headaches as much as the other versions did. Why would I keep it around, if it really is something alien whose intention is to dominate the world? You know the saying, don’t you? “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” I continue to watch it very closely. I have also successfully isolated it from the rest of my computers.

Yet I suspect that unknown little applets and virus still somehow find their way into my Windows machine through the single blue Ethernet cable that ties all my computers and peripherals together. (I wonder why it is hooked to the Ethernet? I wonder why I haven’t unhooked it?) However, my Windows 2000 and Office 2000 continue to mysteriously grow new features and fonts that I never installed on this isolated machine. It is a fascinating thing to watch, and I have no idea how it happens!

I also NEVER install patches or updates that Redmond tries to send me, and I NEVER use Windows 2000 on line. I only use my Mac for on line for surfing and for email, WITHOUT any Microsoft applications!

You may be less hypnotized by all this alien code than the rest of us, since you use a Macintosh. But do you still continue to use the latest and greatest Office and Browser software from Redmond on your Mac? Do you? Why haven’t you stopped, I wonder?

Think about it! It is not logical. You are smart people. You should all be using any other software from anyone else but Microsoft.

You should also never install any update or patch that Redmond sends you! Tell me you are not all hypnotized or addicted to this stuff, in spite of being Mac users?

Break free! Help the rest of us break our addiction to everything Microsoft,
while there is still time!

Roger (I’m not an addict) BoXX%%$r$%& %$$#%#tt#XNDLS
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