The Little iTunes Book, Second Edition
Book Review

The Little iTunes Book, Second Edition
Author: Bob LeVitus

Peachpit Press
ISBN 0-321-16886-0
202 pages
US $19.99 CA $31.99

The Little iTunes Book Second Edition (LiTB for short) is a slim volume, and needs only a slim review. Bob LeVitus, also known as Dr. Mac, has penned a worthwhile book for those who need to know the ins-and-outs of iTunes 3, Apple’s free audio player.

Why spend $19.95 for LiTB when Apple provides free help files? As I’ve said in previous reviews, even though Apple’s applications are intuitive enough to use, Apple Help files are quite inadequate for more than teaching just the rudiments of what are very capable applications.

LiTB is an easy-to-read book that goes into the right amount of detail to best use iTunes 3. In his introduction, LeVitus recounts that he wrote LiTB for his Dad, an enthusiastic but naive Mac user. To this end, the book is comprehensive, but does not delve into running iTunes via AppleScript or Perl, nor does it have contain exotic
hacks to run iTunes over QuickTime Broadcaster. It DOES contain all the average user needs to know to run iTunes, rip MP3’s, edit MP3 tags, burn CD’s, listen to Internet radio, and manage an iPod. LiTB is what the average Mom, Dad, or new Macintosh user needs to know, without scaring them away with excess geekiness.

LiTB‘s production values are good. LeVitus provides plenty of legible screenshots, and the print is crisp and clear.

The Little iTunes Book Second Edition is a worthwhile buy for a new iTunes (or Macintosh) user who wants to learn iTunes basics from a book, instead of spending hours clicking through Apple’s inadequate help files.

MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5

David Weeks

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