Is Smaller Better?

There are many things we as a community of Mac users seem to not be able to agree about, i.e. 9 or X? Microsoft or AppleWorks? And let’s not even get started on the “browser wars” we have all been so much a part of, however there seems to be on thing that we can all get a consensus on. We all believe that the market share of the MacOS based operating systems is just too small and that we should all do whatever we can to dominate and overcome the Giant from Redmond, but is that really what we need? I think not.

When you think of all of the many “75 advantages” of owning a Mac, one thinks of many, such as ease of use and ultra-stability, especially with the profound use of Unix-based Mac OS X now. However, there are many other advantages out there other than the few mentioned before that aren’t dependant at all on our software or programmers, rather all of the advantages are in fact based on our small tightly-knit group of users! We as a Macintosh User Community strive mainly on our small size!

Okay, so let’s consider all of the advantages we get from being small. First, let’s just consider the virus issue alone. For the PC, IBM-Compatible Windows MS DOS world, there are over sixty-five thousand viruses and other different variants, for the Mac, eh, about forty-five or less, including all of the different variants, and our viruses are much more harmless.

Okay, and while were talking about viruses and other problems with computers, why don’t we also mention Compatibility Issues? For the PC user base, we have Dell’s (dude), Gateways, IBM’s, Compaq’s, and who knows what else. But for the Apple line of products, we have Apple (Save of course for the few oddball clones, but that’s a totally different story.) And that’s it.

So how is this an advantage? Well it’s simple, the more types of computers out there, for one platform or user base, the more opportunities there are for people to encounter compatibility issues from one brand to the next, not to mention Windows based websites that offer support having a load of trouble keeping records of every type of Dell or Gateway or Compaq ever invented. So, when can you say you’ve seen a catalog such as the ones you can typically find at such websites as Lowendmaccom and for the Windows Computing World? I think not.

Well, what does this all mean? First of all, without our smallish user base, we would never be able to boast such abilities as the ones listed here, and we would then become a facelessly large group of people, such as our Windows counterparts. We Macintosh users have a face as a community because weather or not we all do the same thing, we are all still a community of people who all wish to “Think Different”, so how can one think different if they are part of the majority?

Evan Kleiman

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