Zumwalter II

History is often written not by those who survive it, but by those who conquer the ones who survive. This is no less true for the business that conquers all the others.

By W. Gates IV (in soto prep)


This document is “Eyes Only” until such time as the Committee releases it for general consumption, and mandatory reading by the masses. You are forewarned not to speak or write of this document or of this process upon extreme penalty of permanent Identity Loss.


“At the beginning of the New Era, a humble and honest man named William Gates established a remarkable new company that made its first astonishing creation called a Computer Operating System. This was back in the dark ages of Enlightenment and RightSpeak of nearly a century ago. “Bill,” as our glorious founder liked to be called, was the seminal inventor of every major computer application used in the first computers. Many also attribute to him that he was the secret creator of the first computer hardware as well, but that is another story.

This chaotic time was full of competitors, each vying for supremacy in the computer business. Many of them were underhanded and evil, creating substandard software and cheap hardware that barely ran. Bill’s company, formerly called Microsoft, was so very different from all those other poorly run companies, such as Apple, Sun and IBM. His products always worked, and Business, by and large, came to depend on his most excellent applications. Proof of this is seen in the statistical 3D chart (insert here) that shows that over 90% of all businesses relied on and used Microsoft Business Software.

This crucial fact made all the difference, for it made William Gates and his company very rich. Such riches in the hands of a lesser man might have been used to bully the industry and government, and used to create a gigantic monopoly that no one could withstand. However, under Bill’s watchful care, this great sum of money was used to benefit Mankind, in eradicating hunger and poverty, war and disease.

This is why we call William Gates the founder of the New Era. His rightful heirs and descendants followed his path of enlightenment, creating RightSpeak and NewThought, which has brought a lasting peace to all the world and caused the extinction of all our enemies of the State.

We owe all that we are and all that we have accomplished to this remarkable Genius and Statesman. Who in the world cannot recall his image, created so memorably in Steel and Aluminum in the 500 foot tall statue of our Founder in the former United States Capitol of Washington D. C.?

Once Bill’s company began to grow, and once he began to help so many people and nations, whole companies and governments began to put their efforts behind his greatest work. By the first decade of the new millennium, Microsoft had bought or crushed all those other poorly run and despised software and hardware companies. Bill named his new multicompany AllCorp.

AllCorp then was joined by General Motors and General Homes. Soon all the other corporations in the former United States were clamoring to be absorbed by AllCorp. In less than a decade, AllCorp was all the business there was on the planet. AllCorp was the only company that was left. AllCorp then broke itself into three Subcompanies:

UtilityCorp, which controls all electronic, communication, and fuel services;

FactoryCorp, which builds everything there is, to be consumed by the masses; and

RightThinkFoundation, which is the entity that took the place of all those obsolete and poorly run, waring governments, and the education and religious institutions.

All other organizations and collectives were then banned by the State, under RightThink. This was very beneficial to the masses, for it removed every obstacle in their path to achieving CommonThought, which is the proper and proscribed way of thinking for all the masses. This universal harmony resulted in the end of war and all forms of protest, free speech, and free thinking.

Policing the State then became a very minor issue. The masses, for the most part, were very happy for someone benevolent and trustworthy to do all their thinking for them, and to be told what to do and how to act. Those few unfortunate individuals and covert groups who spoke out against AllCorp or any of its Arms, were simply cut off from access to all forms of electronic communications. Their identities were wiped, and they became Non Persons, unable to buy or sell, write or gain access to any conveyance or building. We do not know where they all went, but they all went away, hopefully forever.


AllCorp now has instituted a new and more enlightened form of compensation for all its multiple services that you use. Now, instead of buying services, utilities and software from a sub of AllCorp, each individual’s monetary account will be charged a monthly all-inclusive fee, of not less than 50% of their monthly pay rate. This innovative service now means that you of the masses do not have to purchase things as you did before. Just go to the store or the vendor and ask for whatever you wish, charging it to your State Account.

If your purchases for any month exceed your minimum monthly charge, your account will be billed for the difference. If any of you are unfortunate enough to spend more than you make, all your goods will be reabsorbed into the Collective, and you will begin an extended Endenturement to pay off your outstanding balance to AllCorp.

Of course, as always, there is no recourse on your part, either for leniency, or the lame and well worn excuse that AllCorp could somehow make some mistake. Such things are utterly impossible with our new Standardized Universal Computer Operating System.


We expect that this new enlightened form of taxation will make thrifty members of our glorious Collective. Therefore, make sure you do not listen to your favorite music or watch your television and movies too much, for the single song and one show fees can be excessive.

Also, only listen to and watch what is prescribed, for those fringe songs and movies you seem to like so much now have a big surcharge. The same is true for wearing clothing that is not the norm, or which is not prescribed. All such activities from now on carry excessive cost penalties.

We only do this so that the Collective will be at peace with itself. Individualism only leads to free thinking and radicalism. Watching the same shows, listening to the same music, and wearing the same kinds of clothes leads to a more peaceful collective.



It is so great that Billy Boy eventually got it all in his pocket fifty years ago! Money really can buy anything! We are the inheritors of his bounty, and we must protect ourselves.

Next session, we must see about removing all those old textbooks, and video tapes, –and make a more concerted effort to find all non approved legacy computers, VCRs and CD players people are hiding. There is no end of such people becoming overly sensitive to how things are, by the exposure to such radical equipment and media.

Also, see to it that any non-approved books are removed and burned, especially those which deal with the former United States and its Constitution. We cannot allow such inflammable documents into the hands of the masses, under any circumstances.

Zumwalter III, Chief Writer, Historical Corrections Agency

Roger Born

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