Gas Prices, Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Article and links

Today I paid $1.75 a gallon for gas, which I think is an all time personal record. At least I wasn’t buying milk. Still the price of gas does surprise me, particularly when, according Plan of Attack, Prince Bandar (Saudi Ambassador) promised to fine tune gas prices in time for the fall election. Plan of attack may be either the most balanced book ever or it may perhaps show just how deep the political rifts have become in America. Apparently both the Bush and Kerry campaigns have recommended the book to supporters. So the Bushites think the book makes GWB look good while the Kerrians feel the exact opposite is true. Strange indeed, have we come to a point where the country is so divided that what one camp thinks is a liabilty the other camp sees as a strength?

For an excellent bit on the Iraqi prisoner abuse I strongly reccomend this article from the New Yorker (those guys can really write). Yeah, yeah, biased liberal media and all…

Which I’m down with, hey I know the media gets it wrong sometimes. Second hand smoke is, well mostly a shoe scrapable bit of statistical nonsense, and acupuncture is right up their with snake oil. Except that snake oil was chock full of stuff, usually alcohol, so it probably had some pharmacalogical effect. As opposed to acupuncture which has very near the same effect as everyone’s fave drug: placebo.

I guess I’m just a hopless skeptic. Wait, this is a chance for a list. I love lists. Today’s topic: Things that are Bull****
Feng Shui: yep, don’t put that table on a dragon’s eye
Astrology: Sure my personality is defined by the apparent position of very distant stars
Pro Wrestling (Hey, I love pro wrestling, just because it IS bull****)
upstream “fishing”
Loch Ness Monster
Crop Circles
Aliens visiting earth: Okay so first they’d have to find earth, then they’d have to decide to come here for some reason. Which I suppose they might, if they got our radio signals or something. Except we’ve only been broadcasting since the time of Marconi which is not enough time to jump on the ship and drive here even at .99999(continue 9’s as you see fit)c
Pauly Shore is funny

Well that’s wayyyy to much Chris Seibold and wayyyy too few humorous links. Let me now rectify that.

From Todd Long: Poor Monkey
Todd called that “a true gem” but he doesn’t yet realize just how funny that little pile of flash is. When he has kids he’ll come to understand that follows the same recipe as ninety percent of kid’s shows: You only talk for a little while and then you start to sing. My kid loves it.

As long as I’ve mentioned Todd, it turns out someone used a real happening of his as inspiration for a commercial. Beer-v-Root beer

Todd also loves Neil Diamond? Why? I don’t know. I prefer Elvis. But Neil has the advantage of still being alive..or does he?
Elvis Lives in Flash Can you spot Jason Mewes and Homestar Runner?

Don’t forget it’s your duty (non homosexual folks) to sign up for the expanded draft. Meet your obligation at

Game pick courtesy of Djspoof:

Not as addictive as heroin but very fun.

TV pick: It’s all PBS tomorrow. First Nova investigates earth’s magnetic field (I wonder if they’ll touch on the nuclear reactor theory) then its time for American Scientific Frontiers.

CKS/BL Tridiot Rating: 134.057%

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