VST Flash Media Reader

VST Flash Media Reader
Company: VST
Estimated Price: $69


Price is usually a deciding factor when it comes to choosing peripheral products for your computer. But the lower the price an item is, chances are the lower the quality. In this, the new VST Flash Media Reader is a breath of fresh air, being both a cost effective solution to your media reading needs, at a cost that is very low for such a useful and great looking piece of hardware.

The VST Flash Media Reader is a USB based media reader for your CompactFlash or SmartMedia products, such as a digital camera, MP3 player, or a PDA. In my case, I used to it transfer pictures from my Kodak digital camera media card to my Mac. Before using the VST Flash Media Reader, I would have to connect the camera to the computer via the included USB cable, but I quickly found this to be extremely slow and very draining on my camera batteries. The VST Flash Media Reader transfers pictures at least ten times faster, and since the unit draws power from the USB port rather than batteries, it saves me money by allowing the batteries in my camera to work at taking pictures rather than transferring pictures to the computer. But the speed is the key issue here.

Installation is super simple. Just run the installer from the included CD-ROM, restart the computer, and your ready to go.

What the VST Flash Media Reader does is mount the media, the media flash card, on my desktop. I then drag the pictures to a folder, and ten seconds later (with my 8MB card) I have all the pictures on my computer. I can also delete the pictures from the media card simply by trashing them as you would any file. This is also much faster than having the camera delete pictures.

The VST Flash Media Reader also comes with snap-on plastic colored panels, so that you can match the unit to your computer.

Price, performance, color, and attractive looks make the VST Flash Media Reader a great smart purchase, and I highly recommend this product.

MacMice Rating: 5

Tim Robertson

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