Macworld Expo Coverage 2000

A grand-time was had by all, it is true. Macworld, San Francisco 2000! This was the first time My Mac Magazine officially covered the annual event, and we were busy every night updating our web site with all the latest stuff from the event. Unlike “news” sites, though, My Mac’s coverage was, well, let’s say from a “fans perspective.”

On the next few pages, you will read some of the columns we posted during the event, as well as two pages of pictures. You can also visit our website at and see even more, including the full screen pictures of those shown here.

I must say, though, that many of the best things that happened to me at the event were never reported. I finally met many of the people I had always wanted to meet, such as John Farr, John Martello, Del Miller, Shawn King, KAP!, and many others.

Even better, I finally got to meet, in person, members from My Mac! You see, My Mac is published completely electronically. The writers send in their columns and reviews via email. We don’t work or even live anywhere near one another. So for me, it was a magical week, one I will never forget. Finally being able to put a face to Lyn Price, David Price, Roger Born, Lysa, and Beth Lock was great! (Of course, I had already met our webmaster, Adam, in person, but it was still great to see him for a whole week.)

I hope you enjoy the next few pages. Sure, I know the Expo is “old news” now, but hey, it was fun and I want to share the fun with you all.

Tim Robertson

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