Book Bytes – MyMac Magazine #53 – Bonus

DSL for Dummies
by David Angell

Dummies Press

ISBN 0-7645-0475-4, 321 pages
$24.99 U.S.,. $35.99 Canada, £23.99 U.K.

This book is one of the “smartest” and most fascinating Dummies titles I’ve seen in a long time. The author covers every aspect of high-speed, always-on Internet connections. Anyone using or considering a “broadband” service should read DSL for Dummies from cover to cover. The cost of the book is worth every penny, and is insignificant compared to your monthly high-speed Internet fees. Strongly RECOMMENDED.


Fireworks 2 for Windows and Macintosh, Visual QuickStart Guide
by Sandee Cohen
Peachpit Press

ISBN 0-201-35458-6, 280 pages
$18.99 U.S., $28.50 U.K.

The Fireworks application is raging out of control in certain web graphics communities. Each component and feature is discussed systematically, taking full advantage of the Visual QuickStart format. Web graphics are far from my area of expertise, but I am quickly grasping the essentials, armed with Fireworks 2 for Windows and Macintosh. Fireworks has a substantial learning curve which is made much easier by following the lessons and tips in this RECOMMENDED title.


LINUX for Dummies, 2nd Edition
by Jon “maddog” Hall
Dummies Press

ISBN 0-7645-0421-5, 354 pages plus CD
$24.99 U.S.,. $35.99 Canada, £23.99 U.K.

Every large bookstore now has shelves of books devoted to the Linux operating system. My personal knowledge of Linux is limited, making me unqualified to offer informed commentary on the Windows-based LINUX for Dummies, 2nd Edition, particularly for Macintosh users. The author is a genuine expert on Linux, and explains his material clearly and comprehensively. Please let me know when you locate a book which is most appropriate for our Book Bytes audience.


PowerPoint 2000 and 98 for Windows and Macintosh, Visual QuickStart Guide
by Rebecca Bridges Altman
Peachpit Press

ISBN 0-201-35441-1, 319 pages
$17.99 U.S., $26.95 Canada

PowerPoint 2000/98 is robust and versatile. Do you need to upgrade and work with the app? How should I know?! Computer-based presentations are here to stay, which means serious users will have to contend with PowerPoint sooner or later. This book is impressive in its sequential, itemized method of cross-platform instruction. You are advised to put the author’s RECOMMENDED lessons to work before next Monday morning’s presentation!


The Internet for Dummies, 6th Edition
by John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi, and Margaret Levine Young

Dummies Press

ISBN 0-7645-0506-8, 358 pages
$19.99 U.S., $28.99 Canada, £18.99 U.K.

I have been suggesting The Internet for Dummies for several years to total beginners who need a lot of hand-holding. From “What is the Net?” to “My First Home Page,” with chapters on WebTV and AOL, it’s all here, in small doses. The Dummies approach is well-suited to introductory material. Plenty of people are not already Net-savvy, and I continue to RECOMMEND The Internet for Dummies, 6th Edition for them.


Sams Teach Yourself the Internet in 10 Minutes, 2nd Edition
by Galen Grimes

Sams Publishing

ISBN 0-672-31610-2, 178 pages
$12.99 U.S., $19.95 Canada, £10.99 U.K.

Ten minutes, right? Forgetaboutit. This friendly pipsqueak of a book is in the category of “a little knowledge can get you really confused on the Net,” based on my extensive experience. Ironically, the topics are so pared-down that newcomers with fears and phobias will be able to participate at a basic level, but they may soon require more a extensive tutorial companion.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Microsoft Office 2000
by Joe Kraynak
Alpha Books/Que/Macmillan

ISBN 0-7897-1848-0, 330 pages
$16.99 U.S., $25.95 Canada, £15.99 U.K.

Why am I not excited about Office 2000, friends? Does anyone use it by choice, rather than necessity? Talented author Joe Kraynak has cleverly reduced the behemoth from Redmond into an approachable task-based software suite. Ordinary newbies and “complete idiots” will appreciate his content and style. When your neighbors are having difficulty with Office 2000 on Thanksgiving Day, first tell them to get an iMac loaded with AppleWorks, then suggest in the meantime they buy, read, and use The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Microsoft Office 2000. RECOMMENDED for beginners.


Dreamweaver 2 for Windows and Macintosh, Visual QuickStart Guide
by J. Tarin Towers

Peachpit Press

ISBN 0-201-35435-7, 384 pages
$19.99 U.S., $29.95 Canada

I scoured the neighborhood for anyone familiar with Dreamweaver, an impressive WYSIWYG visual editing tool for web designers. No luck. That leaves me with the formidable task of determining if this book is a good choice. Dreamweaver 2 for Windows and Macintosh is loaded with valuable tips and techniques, and appears to be tremendously helpful on every feature. On a page-per-dollar basis, this title has exceptional value and quality.


•John Nemerovski•

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