Apple, Rename OS 9!

In case you haven’t heard, the iMac’s incredible success has not only lifted Apple to an increased level of name recognition, it’s charted a new course for products built in its innovative image. The iBook is the initial example, and all indications are that it will be an instant winner in its own right. Of immediate interest to industry insiders, though, is the fact that several other companies, Imation, for example, have now brought out peripherals designed in-line with the iMac’s inventive styling.

In a word, these new products have been selling well–immensely well. So well, in fact, that an iMac imposter using an Intel chip has already been made, although whether it or not it will be allowed to be brought to market is still a matter of intense legal investigation.

Up to now we’ve been discussing hardware products, which leaves another area for Apple to make an important statement: software. Enter Bob McCormick, an Oregon-based writer for My Mac Magazine, who has come up with a name for the most important software of all: Apple’s System Software. Bob had in mind something for the next version of the Mac OS, Mac OS 9. This new name would be instantly recognizable as Apple’s newest and greatest, and fits, we think, every aspect of Apple’s new identity, that of innovation, iMacs, and iBooks:

We think it’s ideal.

Apple, Rename OS 9!

Here is a modest proposal for Apple to consider.

Rename OS 9.

Why? Well there is the little matter of the other company that already holds the trademark on it. Ironically OS 9 the Real-Time Operating System for embedded designs from Microware is already in some Macs. They own this trademark and deserve to have their rights protected. Just like Apple is “protecting” its rights over the iMac design by filing lawsuits against eMachines and others.

I believe that Apple could avoid this trademark lawsuit and the bad press while still being able to pronounce their Operating system “oh-ess-nine.” How you say? Let me introduce “Mac OS iX.”


Mac OS iXHuh?

Apple could in fact achieve three very strategic accomplishments by re-naming OS 9 as OS iX:

and foremost avoid the trademark lawsuit and the bad press that would follow. (It is kind of ironic that they would infringe on someone else’s trademark when they are so enthusiastically filing lawsuits against others over iMac knock off designs.)


This would create an excellent tie in between iMacs as well as the iBook. Not to mention a great way to identify the Operating System upgrade path for all those iMac and iBook users. This would be a no brainer for those two million plus iMac users out there to see this upgrade path. This would also increase sales of Mac OS iX by a significant margin.

Create an excellent tie in for those of us with G3 computers as the precursor to OS X. We know it’s coming, we know that it will be here soon. And obviously iX (9) comes before X (10).

Renaming OS 9, OS iX accomplishes these three things quite easily. It’s a somewhat playful link between the current Mac OS 8.x and the much anticipated OS X. Certainly it is much more playful than Apple disregarding other’s legal rights and getting sued. Much more like the Apple we believe still exists. One that helps the little guy and doesn’t squash him. And certainly much less like Microsoft that has quite literally drained company’s resources to the brink of dissolution over trademark issues. Anyone remember the name SyNet Inc. and its web browser–Internet Explorer?

Come on Apple, rename OS 9, OS iX. You have a chance to play a little fairer as well as find a great way to tie in your new consumer market and your much anticipated OS X.

Write me and tell me what you think.

Bob McCormick

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