Trilogy \Tril”o*gy\, n. [Gr. trilogi`a; pref. tri- (see Tri-) + lo`gos speech, discourse: cf. F. trilogie.] A series of three dramas which, although each of them is in one sense complete, have a close mutual relation, and form one historical and poetical picture.

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In the March 1999 issue of My Mac Magazine, Pete Miner claimed that the real cause for the rapid advancement in computers and technology these past 50 years was not due to human ingenuity and perserverance, but rather was a mysterious “gift” from an alien race called the “Zar-ron.”

Tim Robertson and Russ Walkowich enjoyed Pete’s storyline so much that they didn’t want to see it end, so it wasn’t long before they decided to pick up where Pete left off. Their stories will lay the groundwork for a continuing series by all three writers.


Part Two of the Trilogy Story is now told by Tim, and is from the perspective of the Zar-ron operative working on Earth. Part Three was written by Russ, and will deal with the efforts of Earth to control the Zar-rons. Look for Part four next issue, by Tim Robertson.

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