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It all started very innocently. I was cruising online on AOL, back when AOL was a small business with less then 500,000 members, searching for new and different things Mac-related. I came across a little section in the Mac files entitled “e-zines.” Double click on that, let’s see what they have here… hmmm, About this Particular Mac… what’s this one… My Mac Magazine. A quick download later and I’m reading both magazines and enjoying myself. Wait a minute… this guy Robertson says he’s interested in feedback on the magazine. Hell, I’ve never sent a letter in to any editor, maybe it’s time I did.

So in a quickly typed email message I told Tim Robertson that I had enjoyed his magazine, asked him a question regarding a piece of Apple software he recommended…. and “Oh, by the way, are you looking for writers to submit to the magazine?” Writers, like I’m one… but I’ve always wanted to write a story. Maybe he can let me down gently, but at least I’ve tried. A click on “Send Now” and the message was on its way. I continued my online searching and then went on to normal activities at home. I wasn’t really expecting a response back from the editor, heck, he’s got more important things to do. I was a bit surprised when a few hours later I got an email message back from Tim Robertson thanking me for reading his magazine, answering my question and yes, he was looking for writers to submit their work for review for possible publishing in his magazine. Did I have anything to submit?

Performa UsersI sat there reading the message and thinking to myself, “Now you’ve gone and done it. He wants to see something. What you going to do now?” Write a story…now, before he changes his mind! So I did, I sat down and wrote a short piece entitled “Performa Users,” about how some Mac users and especially Performa users are looked down upon by a lot of people just because they don’t have the latest and greatest (and most expensive) Mac system. I read and reread it, changing a bit here and a bit there, until it was where I wanted it to be. Then I attached it to another email message and sent it back to Tim. Oh well, at least I tried. And I’ve gotten the writing bug out of my system. Maybe he’ll be just as nice when he responds back to let me down gently.

When Tim’s response came back I was a bit amazed that he liked what he had read and it would be appearing in the next issue. The ultimate surprise was when he asked for more stories. So I wrote another story and sent it back to Tim. By the time I had written my third article, I was a bit shocked when Tim wrote back and asked if I would be interested in becoming the contributing editor for My Mac. After I recovered, I said yes, and the journey began that I continue to this day. I have had the pleasure of working with the greatest group of people that are into the Mac that can be found anywhere on this planet. The readers of My Mac are an outstanding group of people who don’t mind sharing their joy for the Mac with others, and are always willing to help one another. And I know that there are no My PC magazines or websites out there, or groups of people that enjoy themselves as much as Mac users. I have totally enjoyed my time with Tim and everyone else here, and I thank Tim for the pleasure of being part of such a great group of people.

Besides Tim, there are a multitude of people who work constantly behind the scenes, ensuring that My Mac is the best digital magazine available. People like Jim Moravec, who edits my edits and never gets mad when I edit (or don’t change) what he sends back. Thank you, Jim. Writers, like Pete, Susan, Manavesh, Mike W, Mick, Adam (who also works constantly, sight-unseen, preparing the website so that you all have somewhere to go to read My Mac) and John N., who reads more books than the Library of Congress has in its inventory. Plus all the great new writers who constantly seem to find their way to the pages of My Mac. I’ve not had anyone get royally bent out of shape when their original work is returned in the final version with a tweak or twist here or there. They’ve been understanding… thankfully.

It’s been a unique experience editing and writing for My Mac Magazine, from issue 6 to 50 and beyond, one that I will always cherish and remember fondly. Would I be doing this, or writing, or interviewing, if I didn’t have a Mac here on my desk? I doubt it very much… so there’s something else to add to the list about how much better a Mac is. It allows people to expand, to grow, to spread their wings… to write a new page where one didn’t exist before. And there is no age/sex/race/ethnic or national background or other restriction to doing this all online… it’s just Mac people doing their thing… leading the way.

Russ Walkowich


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