Richard Bach, my favorite author, taught me something important. If you want to get to know a writer don’t seek them out in person. Read what they write.

Before I had my first computer I used to write. In books and journals and on three-ring binder paper and brief snippets here and there. Sometimes I wrote well, sometimes I wrote really smelly. But I would write. Most all of that is lost now. Regardless, sometimes there isn’t a substitute for word on paper for expressing one’s self, even if no one ever reads it.

This month, like you, I get to sit down at my computer and read My Mac Magazine. I get to read the titles and the comments on each of the columns and reviews. I get to pick which ones to read first, which ones that sound the most interesting, most valuable, most critical to what I’m doing, which ones I want to save for last.

So I sit down and I’ll read “My 30 Seconds” or “My Turn” or “Miner Thoughts” and all the other staff’s words one by one. I find it is the best way to get to know my fellow writers. Not calling them up, not visiting their home, not chatting with them “about those Mets?” but rather by reading their work. Reading about what they most wanted to write about this month. And maybe with a secret wish that they might read my column.

Almost always, it is something I wanted to know about. Sometimes it is something I wanted to know about but didn’t even know I did. No matter the topic, I enjoy.

Deadlines and stories, spell checks and proofreads come and go. Sometimes I write well, sometimes I believe I still write smelly. (If only deadlines could be extended ’til every column was as fresh as a brand new Mac out of the box. Don’t you just love that smell?)

But each month I get to have a get together with all the writers at My Mac. I get to know them a bit better. I get to meet their friends, their families, their Macs, I get to learn from their knowledge, their experience. Just by reading their words.

I usually pull out a few columns from time to time and I just read. I usually read all the columns and reviews each month. I sit down either at my computer or I’ll print out what I want to read and I’ll grab a cup of coffee. I’ll read, I’ll reread certain passages or entire columns. I usually finish with a smile on my face. Certainly I’m richer, wiser, and as an additional benefit, I finish knowing the writer just a bit better.

This is a great get together to be invited to, and you’re invited, too. Each month you’re invited to the same My Mac get together. Each month you can download or read online all that most of us would tell you in person. You can enjoy it each month in our columns and reviews. Heck, you even get to know our webmaster through his layout.

Everything anyone is, reflects in what they do. It is impossible to create something that is unlike yourself. No matter what you do. Whether you sing, sell, manage, pound nails or a keyboard, no one does what you do, the way you can.

Same is true for us at My Mac. When we read that you liked our writing, our comments, our magazine, our website. We really appreciate that. And in writing to us we get to know you as well. Remember, this is a two-way street.

But whether you write us after you read, or just read and enjoy, thanks. We truly appreciate you.

And I don’t know about you but I sure do appreciate everyone at My Mac.

They are some really terrific people. Kind, helpful, knowledgeable, funny, thoughtful, all the things you would want in someone you work with, someone you would call a colleague, or even better, a friend.

Grab another cup of coffee, and join in on our get together every month. And most of all… Enjoy!

Bob McCormick

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