The Senior Macintosh Center – My Mac Magazine #43, Nov. ’98

Something good happened the other day. We hired a man named Bob. Bob worked for a company that had absolutely nothing to do with computers for 16 years but he wanted to be a Macintosh service technician. We took him on in early October and one of the best things for me is that it makes me stop and show someone what I’m doing. I’ve needed it.

I say this a lot but, as you know, I’m an Apple service technician. I’ve been servicing Macs (even Apple IIs) for almost 8 years. For the past 5 years or so I’ve worked primarily alone, and as I’ve worked I’ve learned more and more. Now, along comes a man who has what I call the ‘want-to’. He’s got the fire in his eyes. He doesn’t just want to work on any old computer (any wiener can do that, right? That’s why they’re called PC wieners). No, he wants to work on Macs. I could see it. He’s one of us! This is my kinda guy! I asked him the very first day about his Mac experience. He’s been an avid Mac user for about 7 years… yeah, that’s good. He’s owned 3 different Macs over that time… really! A PowerBook 180c, a Performa 630CD and currently a Power Mac 7500. Well, this guy’s alright. He’s even taken the jump and installed System 8.5 on his 7500 as soon as we got the Service copies! (Note: He reports that 8.5 initially was just a tiny bit buggy but has worked perfectly after a couple of restarts.) So, after checking Bob out I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s official… he’s in. Now what?

You know when you’ve done something for a long time, you just instinctively know what to do and how to do it? Well, that’s been the case with me. Now I’ve got to stop and SHOW someone what and how I do those things. Yes, I thought that this was gonna really be a burden but it’s turned out to be just the opposite. Bob’s got a big jump on me because he at least understands how to use a Mac and getting inside things like the System Folder and moving pieces around (kids, don’t try this at home). When I started I had no experience at all. I was a carpet installer before I worked on computers. I know I drove my fellow workers and my boss nuts when I first started… right Ron Henry (Fric), Jim Maheu (Frac), and Jay Gowell? (Hi boss, remember the time I worked on the ImageWriter II?!) I learned and now Bob’s learning but he’s not driving me nuts. I have someone that I can actually talk to about Mac-based stuff and he stays right with me. This is very good! I’m glad he’s on board.

So, what’s this got to do with you, the faithful readers of da Mac man’? I’m glad you asked. Two things: One, Bob’s questions give me ideas that I can write about. I figure if he’s got questions then I’ll bet you do, too. Two, I’m gonna let Bob look over my shoulder at the column and see if he can add any insight into it also… cuz he’s one of us. Yeah! So, if you’ve got any questions for the new guy and da Mac man, send them to me and address them to the new and improved Fric and Frac!!!!

Something good happened the other day. We hired a man named Bob.

Ed Tobey

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