Don’t take this pill!

No need to name names. She’s a company woman afterall. She was on CNN today between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM EST — That’s all you need to know. That and she said a few things.

What if someone told you that aspirin is no cure for strep throat?

What if someone told you that talcum powder won’t cure athlete’s foot?

What if you were told donuts were a cure for diabetes? Geez… Will THEY ever get it? Will the madness ever stop?

Face it. America’s mainstream healthcare culture is rife with lies and misrepresentations when it comes to “natural” products. It’s a very tough nut to crack.

The announcer on the tube tells us today: Echinacea is no cure for the common cold. Okay, fair enough. I never thought so and was never told so.

Then, she adds, there’s no proof Echinacea lessens a cold’s symptoms. A recent study confirms its ineffectiveness, she says.

I don’t believe her and I don’t believe the study. These people deceive others as easy as, say, tying their own shoes?

Hmmm. Who ever claimed Echinacea was a cure for the cold? I’ve been a proponent of this herb (and others) for quite some time and I’ve never heard such a thing.

What Echinacea does for many who believe it works is relieve cold and flu symptoms. It does not lessen the duration of a cold, nor does it prolong it, nor does it prevent it. (Zinc lozenges might be preventative if taken at the very onset of a cold.)

Taking Echinacea when you have a cold just makes you feel better. That’s all. It boosts peoples’ immume systems in a such way that some of us, when we’re on it, do not feel we have a cold at all. (That’s my anecdote based on long-term experience. I believe an honest scientific study would show similar results.)

But the test product must be of high-enough quality for the benefits to shine through. What was the quality of the plants used in the study?

(I don’t know for sure but something tells me these “scientists” had the results before the study was even conducted.)

Must we look to Europe for honest scientific studies? Is our science too politicized?

I only take Echinacea after a few days of a cold, and only if I need to appear in public. Echinacea helps greatly with appearances. My nose does not run so much, I do not sneeze so much and my energy level is just a little better.

Part of America continues to hate, view with suspicion, and put down anything natural, anything put here straight from the Creator. And we’re not a healthier nation because of it. We just have extremely wealthy pharmaceutical companies and too many people munching synthetic pills not knowing what they are ingesting. Where is this all leading to?

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