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Look Mom, No Hands! 1.5.1
Company: Tools & Toys
Shareware: $9.00


Look Mom, No Hands (referred to as LMNH from this point on), from Tools & Toys, is such a useful utility, and I regret not reviewing it sooner! LMNH allows you to use contextual menus without having to use the Control key. You simply hold down the mouse button until the contextual menu pops up, and then use the contextual menu as you normally would. LMNH also lets you hold and click Finder folder popup menus without holding down the Command key, then allowing you navigate through all the higher level folders as normal.

Adjusting the delay time for LMNH is also simple. You use the double-click speed in the Mouse Control Panel, and set it accordingly. This eliminates the need for its own control panel, and in turn, another possible conflict.

The Summary
Simply put, Look Mom, No Hands is absolutely ingenious! $9.00? I’d pay $19.00. Highly Recommended for anyone who routinely uses contextual menus.

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    A Better Finder Rename 1.1
    Author: Frank Reiff
    Shareware: $10.00


    As many of you already know, earlier this month we moved My Mac Online to a Macintosh web server. I was delighted, but there was a lot of work involved in the move. One of the tasks I needed to accomplish was to rename all of the suffixes on the end of our HTML files from .htm to .html. For a small website, with a few pages, this is a simple, easy task. But for a large website with 200+ pages, this can prove very time consuming. That’s where A Better Finder Rename (referred to as ABFR from this point on) comes into play.

    ABFR is better because it will rename large batches of files all at one time, eliminating the need to copy and paste the names file by file. ABFR consists of an application and a contextual menu plug-in, which together make this one of the most useful finder-level utilities I have ever used.

    ABFR is very straightforward. After highlighting the files you want to rename, you simply select “rename files” from the contextual menu, and the ABFR application will launch. From there, you can specify what you want it to search for and what you want it to replace that text with. For example, to replace .htm with .html, I typed .htm in the “Replace” field, and .html in the “With” field. Then, I clicked “OK,” and let ABFR do its magic.

    While inside the application, you can choose to rename your files in different ways, such as “Replace anywhere within name,” “Add at beginning of the name” and “Make UPPERCASE,” among others. ABFR also provides you with an example for each way of renaming a file.

    The Summary
    ABFR does its job, and does it well. It was very stable, and interacted seamlessly with the Finder, providing me with a quick, easy way to rename large batches of files. While not useful for everyone, ABFR saved me about an hour’s worth of tedious work, and that alone completely justifies its modest $10.00 shareware fee. Highly Recommended for anyone looking to save time renaming files.

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    I Love Native! 2.0.3
    Author: Jerry Du


    I Love Native! is an application that allows one to get information and manipulate the types of code in PowerPC or 68k Applications, Control Panels, and Extensions.

    I Love Native! has a well done interface, and lets you not only see what type of code is in an application, but also lets you create PowerPC and 68k only applications from applications that were previously fat binary (will run on either platform). It will also install “safe exit code” in a PowerPC-only application so that if you launch it on a 68k machine, you will get a message explaining why you can’t launch the program, rather than a type -192 error.

    I Love Native! also lets you create a fat binary application if you have both the PowerPC and 68k versions of the exact same application on your hard drive. Very nice.

    The Summary
    I Love Native! is a great program that is useful in many ways, and will make life easier for many users who travel between 68k and PowerPC Macs every day. And the best part of all: it’s free. What’s not to like? Recommended.

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