The Stripes are Off

Apple Computer has taken the six colorful stripes (horizontal bands) off their famous logo; quite a bold statement. It shows Apple is changing. They are stripping the excess to become the leanest, meanest computer company around. Apple has simplified their product line, there software future, and made everyone think different.

The iMac

In a series of recent announcements, Apple launched new computers and a new operating system strategy. The first announcement was the unleashing of the iMac. This semi-transparent, glowing orb of a computer is quite a deviance from the typical concept of what one should be. Truly an incident where “seeing is believing.” Even the power cord is translucent!

The PowerBook G3

The redesigned notebooks are simply astounding in every way. These machines make choosing between buying a desktop or a laptop a much more difficult decision. The big question now is whether you want a portable G3 or a stationary G3. Once you make your choice, each is completely configurable at the Apple Store. Apple truly simplified their product line.

Mac OS X

The culmination of Copland, Mac OS 8 and Rhapsody. Ever since Copland, Apple has been trying to make a futuristic operating system while maintaining compatibility with existing software. Unfortunately, Copland was never fully realized.

With the acquisition of Next, Apple stepped up to the plate again. This time they were going to create an entirely new OS called Rhapsody, which would be great, but developers would have to create all new software for it. The so-called Blue Box would emulate the Mac OS, but without any of the advantages of the new technologies.

Once again, the plans have changed, this time to stay. Mac OS X (Mac OS Ten), has all of the advantages of the Rhapsody technology, but maintains compatibility with existing applications. Apple tore out 2000 routines from their system software to clean it up. Developers can update their software in a matter of days to be completely compatible with X.

The Stripes are Off
The most exciting news, in my opinion, is the stripping of the stripes. Apple is a changed company, and they are showing it.The new logo, a bare apple, shows Apple has a new idea of how they should create computers. Everything coming out of Apple’s factories has an energy not felt for quite some time. Each new product is streamlined, runs like a madman, and screams out to the world that Apple is the best computer company out there.

Apple is taking a new outlook on computers, and on life in general. Steve Jobs has brought back that feeling of a different computer company. The new products are amazing, and there is no more hassle involved with picking which computer. The determination is back, the gloves are off. Apple is back with a vengeance.

Brian Koponen

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