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My Mac Magazine #38, June ’98

Greetings to one and all. Last month I asked for some genuine feedback
regarding your Macintosh. How to upgrade and the like. I received several responses from some of you and this month’s article is devoted to the questions that you asked. So, this article is dedicated to Ken R., Robert H., Richard (@CalTech) and Jon S.

Okay, Richard, you came in first. Which OS do I recommend for a
PowerBook 5300 and why? Well, first of all, if memory serves correctly,
it originally came with at least 7.5, yes? It is a PowerPC so…Hmm … (don’t hurry me, I’m processing). I’d suggest that if it has the RAM, at least 16MB, then you could upgrade to OS 8.1 but keep in mind that your applications most likely will need to be upgraded too. Any Power Mac can handle that jump but the applications may not like it. Check those out and let me know.

Robert, you’re next. Faster graphics, eh? PowerMac 8100/80, eh? Nubus slots, eh? Man, I wish I had an old copy of MacWeek nearby! The last 90 pages or so had all kinds of good, wholesome advertising that you could paw through. I’m sure you’ve done some shopping around but if you haven’t, I would first check with the likes of ClubMac, MacZone and MacConnection, etc. Another place comes to mind, Pre-owned Electronics (1-800-274-5343 ext 4411). I know a guy who works there, Gary McNamara. Tell him Eddie says “Hi!”… He’s gonna kill me… :^D

The Nubus slot, sad to say, is not being researched anymore, everything is PCI now so it will be tough finding something, but do check these places out; they’re good places to launch from. Keep me posted.

Ken, you have a Power Computing clone. 100Mhz? Conflicting stories about
upgrading the cache? I haven’t heard those. You want my opinion on whether to sink a bunch of $$$ into that machine or buy a G3? This one is easy. G3, G3, G3, G3 and I’ll tell you why. First of all, Power Computing is gone. I’ve heard some horror stories about getting them serviced. That is always an issue with me. You have to be able to get your computer serviced. Secondly, the pricing. All of the upgrade stuff you mentioned like the cache card and the G3 card are going to easily run you about $1,000. Would I spend that kind of money to upgrade? Simply put, NOT!!!! You even listed that it may not be compatible… big time headaches for you… trust me. If you’re going to spend that kind of money anyway, a G3 is your best bet. Pricing, servicability and compatibility… a G3 is definitely my choice… Ya know what I’m saying?

Jon, you get to help me wrap this one up. You asked me about RAM Doubler
2 running on your Power Mac ?/200, and you said it’s giving you problems with your Internet access. Okay, let’s take a look at this. You also said that the tech support staff was not the most helpful. Not a good thing. First of all, I’m gonna have to agree with your friends, you should definitely get physical RAM for an upgrade. I think there’s a law written in your state that says that… 😉 RD2 is best described as a quick fix…IN MY OPINION… not necessarily the opinion of the management… yada, yada, yada. Anyway, physical RAM is the way to go on this one. The sooner, the better. If you’re running OS 8.1, then there may be an issue with updating RD2. That may be the problem. I can’t guarantee anything on this one other than getting the RAM as soon as possible. Your friends are right on this one, just don’t tell ’em I said so. ;^)

Oh yeah, Jon, get the upgrade before you go with Virtual PC. This is a good program but you don’t need any more problems. Write me again if you have anymore questions.

I am da Mac Man… That’s why I’m here… Ya know what I mean?

Catcha L8r

Ed Tobey

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