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My Mac Magazine #35, March ’98

So here I sit once again, writing what has become a bimonthly column. Yes, I have skipped a few issues of my own magazine to pursue creative writing, which is one of things that most excited me when I started the magazine. This time, however, my efforts have been not just on My Mac Magazine, but on another project currently underway (and with luck, actually done by the time you read this: a brand new Internet magazine!) And in the grand tradition of bad magazine names (I mean, My Mac? What was I thinking?!?), I have christened this new project The Bald Rat. (Unlike My Mac, there is a story behind the name, but you will have to visit The Bald Rat to read it!)

What is it? To start, it’s a magazine that has no set agenda, and will feature many of the writers you have come to know here in My Mac. They will have the creative freedom to write about any topic they choose. It will be a place where I can write about anything I’d like, where I can explore my writing abilities without the worry of editing. (There will be NO editing done in The Bald Rat) And, like My Mac, it will be a place for anyone to join in the fun. All are invited to send in submissions.

So why take the space here in My Mac to write about another magazine, even if it is yet another creation of my own? Well, my first project was this magazine, which you are reading right now. It has exceeded my wildest imagination in terms of popularity and readership. And, if luck is with us once again, we will do it again with The Bald Rat.

Again you ask why I am writing about all this here, correct? Well, folks, let me tell you: if it weren’t for the Macintosh, I would be doing neither of these things, nor the many other projects I have done, like teaching, tutoring, creating and hosting Web sites, database work, and more.

The Macintosh has opened a whole new world for me. When I unboxed my very first Mac I had no idea how to use it, or what I would even do with it. But something truly wonderful happened to me that first night, and a door opened I never knew was there. I understood the Macintosh. It was not only intuitive, but it helped me think about things differently (not unlike the Apple commercial). It has, in very real and tangible ways, changed my life. I doubt a Windows machine could have had the profound effect on me that the Macintosh did.

So I sit here and wonder: what do you do with your Mac? Has it changed your life, too? Did it open your eyes to a whole new world? Has it become a cherished item, one you miss when you are away too long?

These are the questions I put before you. I want to hear what the Mac has done for you. So I ask that you stop whatever it is you are doing and take a few moments to share with us your experience with the Mac. I will dedicate as many issues as needed to share your stories and letters with our readers. We are, after all, a small community of computer users in a world dominated by an inferior competing product, and there is nothing that brings people together better than shared experiences, thoughts, and ideas. And, not surprisingly, it is on that foundation that My Mac Magazine was built.

So, write in. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Robertson (

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