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My Mac Magazine #33, Jan. ’98

Dear Apple,

Do Something!

ONE new advertising slogan is a good start, sure. And it was a good one, three months ago. But with the insanity of Christmas buying season now over, you know how many times I saw an ad about Apple computers? Not once.


What the hell are you people doing? Do you NOT want to sell computers?? Is that it? You figure “Heck, we lost. Let’s be happy with our dwindling market share, our core group of ever frustrated users, and not tell anyone how great our product really is. Lets just take what comes our way, and be happy?”

Stupid, stupid, stupid…

I’m so tired of reading columns like this one, written by other writers who have a better way with words than I have, columns that scream reason and demand to be heard, and yet you do nothing. I’m sure I’m not alone. And I’m sure that the writers, people like Henry Norr who has recently left MacWeek, are tired of writing them. It’s sad when the only good thing to write about Apple’s business details is the fact that you now sell computers over the Internet. Wow, what an original idea. Think different, indeed.

I wonder, come mid-January, how much money you will report having lost. Perhaps under a half billion dollars this time, I hope. And I also hope you will really surprise me, and show a profit. Imagine that.

So what’s next? Some merger with Oracle, I’m sure, to build NCs (Network Computers). Can’t wait for that. Everyone should have one, right? I mean, from my perspective, it looks like it will be about as popular as WebTV has now become. That is to say, a joke. Every person who has bought a WebTV I know of has done nothing but long for a real computer ever since. In fact, just recently, I was in a second hand shop, and spotted seven of them for sale. Only $50 apiece, too! Of course, the shop owner told me he has never sold a one.

Here’s an idea. Make a computer that is super easy to use. Make it the fastest personal computer in the world by putting a G3 microchip in it. Advertise the hell out of it. Show how much better it is than anything else out there. Brag about being at the top of this years Consumers Reports list for the computer. Sell it for a very reasonable price.

And call it a Macintosh.

Thanks, and have a Happy New Year.

Tim Robertson (

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