Macintosh Makes Reading

Last month, I used humor to get my message out about the Macintosh. This month I’m going to try a more ‘in your face’ approach. As consumers, we tend to think in a certain way based upon our first influences. No matter how wrong those thoughts may be we stick with them until we are faced with one of two situations: Irrefutable evidence, or the more likely scenario, total embarrassment and humiliation. Since the latter of the two is not a good way to get people to like you, especially when it involves the separation of money, here are two commercials using the irrefutable evidence concept…

Macintosh Makes Reading
SCENE: Black screen appears, famous Apple ad voice, ” All these magazines and newspapers depend upon us to bring you the information you need.” Images of famous magazines flash across the screen in rapid fashion with newspaper banners interspersed in them. At the end, each appears in a checkerboard fashion across the screen for several seconds. The screen blackens, then the Apple logo appears with Steve Jobs new favorite phrase, “Think Differently”.

Famous Logos
SCENE: Black screen appears, famous Apple ad voice, “The following famous logos were all brought to you with the help of one company.” Images of famous logos from corporations and the entertainment industry flash across the screen. Then, the voice says, “Oh, and one more”. The Microsoft flag logo appears. The screen blackens, then the Apple logo appears with that new phrase, “Think Differently”.

Compared to last month, these are much more simplistic ads; however, the point is to get people thinking Apple is cool. As one article I read recently stated, “Apple is a lifestyle brand”. Unfortunately, as each week passes without any mass media blitz that thought weakens among consumers. I know Chiat/Day needs some time to get their ad team rolling, but didn’t they have some proposals ready when they bid for the contract?! We’re Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Moment on the Soap Box (like I wasn’t already there!)
As sad as I was on one hand to hear of Power Computing’s exit from the market, I saw an immediate positive. Once again, Apple has gone outside of itself to find a better solution to its problems. Consider this: For a hundred million in stock, Apple gets a working system of direct sales based on the incredibly efficient Dell model (remember, Power’s president worked for Dell). Had the gang in Cupertino tried to develop their own version the costs would have been several times higher. Instead, Apple gets a lean, mean system with the bugs (theirs will always be glitches) already worked out.

Just some food for thought. Let me know what you think.

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