Command & Conquer

Command and Conquer
Company: Westwood Studios
Estimated Price: $49.99


I’ve always been a sucker for the strategic,
time-consuming CD-ROM title. I love to
plan, watch, and move. Don’t get me wrong,
I love a good dose of Marathon energy just
like the next guy. When a good, addictive,
strategic game comes around, however, I am
drooling in the aisles. And that, my Mac-loving friend, is exactly what “Command and Conquer” is.

“Command and Conquer” is a do-or-die, plan-and-watch, explosive, destructive, kill-or-be-killed gaming experience. The game begins with a great QuickTime movie segment that gives you a small background to the game. You’re literally switching through television channels in a high-tech future. Afterwards, you choose a side… The “Global Defense Initiative” or the “Brotherhood of Nod”, with the former being the defined “good” and the latter being the “evil.” The war begins!


Command & Conquer Picture 2Each mission is a game in-and-of itself. Before each mission you get a briefing from your leader. The briefings are actual QuickTime movies with real actors, and each briefing contains important information pertaining to the storyline. Additionally, there is usually a great cut-away movie with some explosive action… You get pumped up and ready to kick some enemy butt. Of course, the fun comes next. In most missions, you begin with a few troops, a few tanks or hum-vees, and a construction yard. You build up your base and finance your own fight by refining Tiberium, the mysterious resource that is quickly spreading across the planet (and you learn much more about this substance before the game ends). Financing your war can be a struggle, but that’s one of the best features of the game… the constant struggle with yourself as to where and when to use your funds.

Your mission is to destroy the opposing forces and protect your base. Of course, the enemy is trying to do the same thing. Therefore, you must build a strong line of defense to protect your own base from being invaded, captured, or destroyed. Let one engineer slip by your troops and you could lose an entire building. Of course, the A-10s or Orcas can also do considerable damage to your base from the air. Therefore, you have to continue to build a diverse arsenal to attack from land and air. The entire experience is amazingly captivating and exciting.

Each mission is uniquely different. There are different objectives, different plots, and new technologies to use. All the while, you get to listen to some of the best gaming music you will ever hear. There are over 19 full-length scores to groove with as you “kill”. The music is practically amazing… So amazing, in fact, you can purchase an audio CD to listen to while you’re away from your Mac. Graphics in the game are just as fantastic. The 3D rendered sprites and graphics have texture and feel to them. All the graphics are extraordinary in this game… From the cut-away scenes to the individual soldiers.

The game comes on two CDs, so you can share one with a chosen victim and play modem-to-modem if you choose. Otherwise, you can use the software provided to connect to Westwood’s service and gather a game on their network. The software provided for this is a bit awkward, and I routinely had trouble getting a game started over my connection at 33.6. However, when you do get a game started, the speed is relatively good and play is fun. Playing over a network is even better, however, because you can play with up to four pals… Even the PC ones. Yeah, this is your one chance to “kill” your PC-loving friend.

To sum it all up, “Command and Conquer” is definitely worth the money. A game of this quality is a rarity, and it’s no wonder that it has become so popular. If you are looking for a game that will last, put this one on your list. It is stable, easy to use, speedy, and Mac savvy from the beginning to the explosive end. The graphics, story, music, ease of use, and action make “Command and Conquer” my favorite game to date. Get it.

System requirements
PowerPC Mac with 7.5 or higher, 8MB free RAM (16MB for internet play), CD-ROM drive, 30MB free hard disk space plus 10MB free to run game, 14.4 (28.8 recommended) for modem-to-modem play, 256 color monitor.

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