Why Apple Needs a Tiger
Wrist Pad Verdict

This Month: Why Apple Needs a Tiger – Wrist Pad Verdict

Hello and Happy May to everyone! Last month, I didn’t receive much feedback on my “used” piece (no one tried sending e-mail to my eWorld address, did they?). Don’t worry, it won’t happen again until I write something else good enough that it warrants being printed twice. Which may take a while… Anyway, I promised new material this month, and I’m going to deliver. So, let’s start with this month’s dose of Wall-ramblings and Wall-musings…

Take the Tiger by the Tail
I was watching television a few weeks ago, and I was struck by an idea for Apple. Yes, I know, everyone and their grandmother has their own idea on how to save Apple these days; new marketing schemes they should use and the like, so I may as well just throw my two cents in, too. My solution to Apple’s problems?

** Sign Tiger Woods to an endorsement contract. **

You see, that day I was watching golf. I never watch golf. I don’t play golf. No one in my family plays golf. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I equate watching televised golf with watching that one guy paint nature scenes on public television. But this day, my entire family was watching golf, and actually enjoying it. All five us were crowded around the television set watching Tiger Woods break every record possible en route to winner the Masters at Augusta National.

Such is the drawing power of this man. He has energized an entire sport, and made golf a “cool” sport to follow, even if you’re a member of Generation X. Nike was so sure of him that they signed him to an incredible endorsement contract. They placed a rookie pro golfer on the same level as Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey, Jr., and the rest of their impressive roster of endorsees. Cartoonists have lampooned Nike, fantasizing that even God has signed with the Swoosh company. (“…and you get a free hat. Cool.” I love it! Thanks to Mr. Moore and his “In the Bleachers” strip for making my day with that panel a few weeks ago. Wish I had a copy that I could show all of the readers.) Now Tiger Woods will also help them sell shoes, shirts, baseball caps, and anything else they decide to produce, and in all likelihood will do it with smashing success.

That is the type of personality that Apple needs. Someone that can excite the masses about a topic that most people can care less about. Other than ten percent of the computing population, how many people will care if Apple withers and dies? Seriously. Apple’s well-being is not a matter of national security. Apple needs to be able to rouse the crowd – not just those that are Mac fanatics, but also those who have never heard a Mac startup sound in their lives. Tiger Woods has done it for golf, and I’d love to see him work his magic on Apple, too.

The computing industry has never been one to sign celebrities to endorse their products. Thinking about current marketing ads, the only company I can think of is US Robotics, using Steve Wozniak and Steven Hawkins to promote their X2 technology. And Hawkins and the Woz can hardly be considered household names. Apple has a chance to re-create its image, gain in popularity, and get a head-up on the competition by breaking new advertising ground.

So, whaddaya say, Tiger? Birdies… eagles… how about Apples?

The Wall’s Word on Wrist Rests (say that five times fast!)
It was with quite a bit of reservation that I invested my hard-earned dough in a matching mouse pad/wrist pad set. My free Apple mouse pads had always worked fine, why change? And who needs a wrist pad, anyway? In fact, I never would have bought the things if they hadn’t been emblazened with the logo of the Kansas City Chiefs. But now, I consider it money well spent.

The mouse pad is, well, a mouse pad. It looks nice, it serves its purpose, and for the most part, it just sits there. But that wrist pad, oh my! The one half of the duo that I thought I wouldn’t have any need for, I now deem indispensible.

It took me about three days to adjust to the wrist pad, which I thought I never get used to. Now I feel naked typing without one. I’ve almost convinced my school to invest in some. (The key word there is almost. 🙂 I don’t even care if it’s ergonomic or better for my wrists or if I’ll suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome later in life or not. It’s just comfortable, and I love it. And that’s my two cents on wrist pads.

By the way, my particular pro-sports team logo pads are from Team Mouse. I regret I can’t provide any contact information for the company.

That’s it for this month. Not as long as usual, but it’s all original! Just like I promised! Keep the email coming. Until next, all the best to everyone.

Mike Wallinga (mlwall@mtcnet.net)

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