GoMac 1.0

GoMac 1.0
Shareware $19.95
Company: Proteron, L.L.C.

It’s not very often that I can look at a PC, and wish I had a feature I see there. In fact, other than the way menu’s pull down, there isn’t any. (And MacOS 8.0 will change that.) Well, there is one thing I like about Windows 95. The Start Menu at the bottom of the screen. And now, thanks to GoMac 1.0, we Mac users can have one, too!

GoMac is a great shareware product. It seems that I go a long time between finding programs on the shareware side really worth my time to rave about. Symbionts, SnapTo, Snapz Pro, and a few other come to mind. Programs that, to me, rival what the the commercial vendors are doing, or surpass them in very real ways. Now, after a long search for the “Next Big Thing” in shareware, I have found another program that fits that bill to a tee. Folks, GoMac is really that good!

What IS GoMac, and what does it do? GoMac is a control panel that adds a navigation menu to the bottom of your screen, very much like the Windows 95 Start menu does. In fact, that was the basis for this program. And Proteron, L.L.C., the company behind the program, did a wonderful job of creating it for us Mac users.

The concept is simply. (which is why it always bugged me that Windows 95 had it first.) You have a navigation menu at the bottom of your screen you use for a variety of tasks. First, with the “Start” menu, you can launch any program. You can add any program to the menu you wish. Even better, you have fast, quick access to your control panel, your chooser, and your monitor. You also have the option of hiding background programs with a simply click.

Now, some of you may be saying “But I can already do all that! Go to the Apple Menu for the chooser, the control panels, and my monitor setting. I can also go to the Finder menu to hide all applications! So what’s the big deal?” Well, the navigation bar also shows any open programs, so you are one click away from your open SimpleText document. And even though all the other features found in GoMac are readily available elsewhere on your Mac, this is a much more convenient navigation tool.

Also included on the Navigation Bar is a clock. Yes, I know that 99% of you have a clock in you menu bar, but it’s still nice. Besides, with GoMac’s, all you have to do is click it to see a calendar. That’s right, a neat little calendar pops right up. You can select any month in the year, or any month for any year you wish. Today’s date is also in bold.

Let me be frank. GoMac is a program that, once you install and start to use it, will be on your Mac for a long time. You will cherish this program. You will not even mind when a Windows friend sees it and yells, “That’s like my PC!” because you will know how much better yours is. It’s on a Mac, after all!

Download GoMac today. It’s well worth your time and effort. You can download it from the My Mac Online library at any time, as well as from Proteron, L.L.C.’s web site at http://www.proteron.com.

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