Kaleidoscope v1.0

Kaleidoscope v1.0
Shareware: $20.00

What are we dealing with?

Kaleidoscope is a control panel that revamps your Macintosh user interface. It does this by using a plug-in Color Scheme. This program is like no other.

In Particular….
When opening Kaleidoscope, you are immediately greeted with a spectacular interface. To the left of the control panel window you can pick your color scheme. This allows you to go with whatever color you feel is ‘you’. Would you like a red menu bar? Then click on “cardinal” for Pete’s sake!!!! Are you green with envy? Then click on “envy.”(If you didn’t figure this one out, you would have a green menu bar.) Other color schemes include: Danube, Eclipse, Lavender, and Sherbet. And if you can’t get enough of that Aaron Extension, then click Aaron. That’s right, they have a color scheme just like the Aaron Extension. Now, they do have accent colors, but the one downfall to this is that you can only use it for the Aaron color scheme. If you click on any other color schemes, the accent color area is disabled.

Kaleidoscope also provides you with the window shade feature on the top right hand corner of your window. If you want, you may also enable the sound that WindowShade makes. There is also a box in the Kaleidoscope control panel that, if selected, makes any boxes that have those little check marks in them display x’s instead. They call these the “classic check boxes.” In addition, you may enable the spinning zoom rectangles. This is a feature of Aaron wherein if you quit an application or move an icon on the desktop, it does that ‘little twirl thing‘ (I don’t know how else to explain it). Another added addition to the control panel is that you can pick whatever font you want for your menu bar, etc. You may also pick a size for the font as low as 9 and as high as 16. And finally, Kaleidoscope allows you to pick what type of color you want the back of your Finder windows to be. You can choose the color from the control panel, or you can click on “use label color,” which allows you to choose any of the 7 default colors under the “label” menu on you desktop screen.


Man, is this program sweet!!! Definitely worth the $20.00 dollar shareware fee. What else can you say, but GET IT!!

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