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My Mac #18, Oct. ’96

Each month, I usually have this column written before I even see anything from the other writers. Not so this month, as I was up to my neck in writing reviews. I like to write reviews, don’t get me wrong, but I like to write this column more. Hey, this is my chance to voice what I think about pretty much anything I want! (It also helps when you own the magazine!)

So, after reading Pete Miner’s “Free Speed Upgrades,” I was in a good mood. (I am one of Pete’s biggest fans!) Then I go on to read Grant Casady’s “Bits And Pieces.” I really enjoy that column each month. I am so swamped with simply trying to read Macintosh magazines that I hardly ever have time to LOOK at a PC Magazine. His columns always ruffle my fur, in a good way! I think Grant is doing all of us a service each month. Hope you are all writing him letters telling him how pleased you are with his expert reporting!

At any rate, I am writing my own column after reading everyone else’s. And I got to thinking. What do YOU like about My Mac? What would you like to see more of? Less of? We here at My Mac would like to know! Drop us a letter after reading this issue and let us know, if it is not too much trouble.

Been watching football all day today. (My Lions just lost, but I am trying not to think about it!) All I see during commercials is Microsoft, and those well done “Where do you want to go today” ads. Tell you what, if I were thinking about buying a computer for the first time, a PC running Windows 95 would be high on my list. Why? Because, with all the bad reporting on Apple as of late, and not seeing any ads on TV saying otherwise, I would figure Apple is on its last legs. Now, we all know better than that, but what does the average Joe see? Microsoft. IBM. Lotus Notes. All PC stuff, but nary a word on Apple. Yes, I think Mike Gault got it just right last issue in his “The Critic” column. When will Apple see the big picture? Or, in the case of a smaller TV set, the little picture?

What they need is some kick-butt advertising. Heck, if anyone from Apple’s PR firm is reading this, write me a letter! Do I have some ideas for you! Here are a few…

Start off with a futuristic landscape. (Flying cars, robo servants, that sort of thing.) Paint it like Blade Runner or something equally high tech. Now, show an average couple standing in front of a computer store, looking at all the new computers, and have the woman turn to the man and say “I heard Apple is in trouble.” And then the man looks back at her and replies “Yeah, I heard they won’t be around for long”. Then have the Mac OS logo slam together (Like in the Terminator 2 commercials way back when) and have the slogan “Apple Macintosh. The Computer for the future. Here today. Here Tomorrow.” Effective, no?

How about this. Have a roving type of reporter walking around a big city, and asking what computers people use at work. “Excuse me, Miss, what computer do you use at work?”, he would ask. “I don’t know, some PC brand or something”, the startled secretary answers. “So what computer do you use at home” the reporter then asks. Looking at the reporter like he is on drugs or something, the secretary replies “Why, an Apple Macintosh, of course!” Then have the slogan “Macintosh: The Better Choice.” (Or some other neat catch phrase)

My point is, Apple is doing NOTHING right now. NOTHING. Look, unless they get their collective heads out of the sand, they will LOSE EVERYTHING. And, to be blunt, they would deserve to. Unless, of course, they WAKE UP!!!!

Sorry, but that has been bothering me for a while now. Had to get that off my chest. But I would like to hear any ideas YOU have for Apple commercials. Write them up, send them my way, and I will forward the best directly to Apple. And their PR firm. Wouldn’t it be neat if they actually make one, eh?

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