A Few Words – My Mac Magazine #18, Oct. 96

Mac OS Revision 7.5.5
Well, on September 19th, Apple released its latest revision to the Mac OS, System 7.7.5. Those of you running earlier versions of System 7.5 will need to get System 7.5 Update 2.0 before you can run the 7.5.5 installer.

System 7.5.5 is said to provide significant performance improvements when using virtual memory, improve floppy drive reliability in those computers with a DOS Compatibility Card, improve memory management on PowerPC computers, and, most importantly, improve reliability on PowerPC PowerBook and PCI-based computers. Improved Ethernet, improved LocalTalk, better reliability for the Apple TV tuner and the remote control, improved stability when running multiple programs in the background, improved stability when using a shared printer on the network, improved reliability on 180MHz or greater 604/604e based computers, and improved reliability when using sound-intensive applications on Quadra and Centris Macs are also part of Apple’s new package.

What happened to System Upgrade 7.5.4? Well, apparently that upgrade was almost
released the week before. But at the very last minute – about 12 hours ahead of the planned release – the release was cancelled due to problems with the Mac 5400/6400
family of computers. Because a limited version actually went out, Apple was forced into putting the revision out as 7.5.5.

This will be the last system software release for the Mac Plus, SE, Classic, Portable, PowerBook 100, SE FDHD, SE/30, LC, II, IIx, and IIcx systems, whether or not MODE32 is installed. Future Mac OS releases will require the 68030, 63040, or PowerPC-based system which support 32-bit memory addressing, which includes all of the other Macintosh models.

Akia Macintosh!
That’s right, people! Time to add another Macintosh vendor to the stable! This time around it’s the huge Japan based Akia Corporation, best known to Americans for their audio equipment. Akia licenced the Mac OS from IBM via last years decision on Apple’s part to let IBM and Motorola sub-licence the Mac OS. [Mac OS, as used by MacWeek]

This could have potentially huge meaning to the Mac market, though most likely only in Japan to start. Akia is reported to have not discounted any plans to ship Akia Macs to the U.S. or other countries, so keep an eye out.

MacWeek reports that the Akia Macs will feature LCD flat panel displays, so don’t expect prices to be cheap for these new Macs. But in the long run, the more companies that support and sell the Mac OS, the better and more widely used the BEST OS will become. I look upon this as yet another step to a brighter future for the Macintosh. In fact, I see nothing bad in this deal at all. The more, the merrier!

Congratulations and a Thank You!
This month’s edition of My Mac marks the one year anniversary of Pete Miner writing and entertaining both the staff and those who read My Mac. We never know where Pete is going to go with one of his articles or poems, but that has become the best part of waiting for Miner Thoughts each month. We wish Pete continued success, we thank him for cheering us up every month, and we continue to look forward to reading his latest article every month. (By the way Pete, since I’ve started editing your work, my wife says that the gray hair looks very distinguished on me! Just kidding 😉

I would also like to thank Tim Robertson, publisher of My Mac, for this month also marks my one year anniversary with My Mac. He gave me, a letter writer (just like Pete), a chance to try out his writing skills and has graciously continued to permit me to write, edit and work with some of the greatest people anywhere, the staff and readers of My Mac. He has also become a good friend. Thanks, Tim.

RAM Prices
For those of you still waiting to expand your system RAM, start checking out the prices that are available now. Comparison shop, make sure that the company has a good history with Mac customers, and a good lifetime warranty and tech support. Good things can only last so long.

Also on RAM prices, as of this writing (the end of September) prices are indeed on the rise. Now is the time to pony up the cash for more memory, before prices climb too high!

Late Breaking News:

Well, shipping by the time you read this, UMAX should have a 225-MHz Macintosh clone for sale. For only $4,495, the UMAX S900L should be a screamer. Yeah, I use the words “for only” like I could afford it! But for those of you who can, it sounds like a killer computer.

The UMAX 225-MHz computer is not the really big news, though. From Macweek, it is reported that Exponential Technology Inc. of San Jose, CA. will be releasing a 500-MHz PowerPC chip sometime early next year. Yeah, 500-MHz. The chip is called the X704, and will most likely cost a very pretty penny. Rather than go into all the rumored Macweek news, let’s just assume for a moment that this chip will indeed ship next year. Now, Intel users like to think that their 200-MHz chip is pretty fast. Yeah, right. I can just imagine how some of the conversations will go:

“Yeah, I got the new 200-MHz Pentium Pro chip in my X-brand computer. What do you got?”

“Me? Oh, the Power Computing’s 500-MHz Macintosh. No big deal….”

Folks, Macintosh is here to stay. And the future is looking bright, not to mention FAST!!!

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