A Few Words
My Mac Magazine #13, May ’96

How about that cover, eh? My Mac is very happy to announce our new cover artist,
Mike Gorman! Mike has agreed to do our covers now, and we here at My Mac could not be happier! He is a great artist/cartoonist, and we are ticked pink to have him aboard! Welcome, Mike, to the My Mac Family! We are a rowdy bunch at times (Usually it’s Pete’s or one of the two Brian’s fault!) but we are glad to have you join us!

Mike Gorman is a cartoonist/designer living in Astoria, Queens. His work has
appeared in such publications as: the New Yorker, NY Press, the New York
Times, Entertainment Weekly, and others. He is a hard core Mac fan, and can
be reached at NYCGORMAN@aol.com


In response to numerous request’s, My Mac is happy to offer a text-only version of My Mac! It will be the same magazine you are now reading, but in a text-only format. If you would rather receive the text-only version, please drop us a letter with the words “Text Only” somewhere in the message.

We know that some people could live without all the pretty pictures, and a text-only version would suit you much better. If that is you, please send an email to either troberts@ccm.tdsnet.com or rawalk@dc.infi.net

The Text Only version of My Mac will begin in June, issue #14. Please send a letter before May 28th. if you want the text-only version. But remember, you won’t be able to see Mike’s great artwork if you do!

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