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A few comments:

I’ve not yet noticed anyone mention the Shareware product PopChar, one of my all time favorites. It has persisted across my many Macs while other extensions/Control Panels have come and gone. A wonderful addition to any Mac that is used with a keyboard!

I’m also a big fan of Power Computing’s machines. I’ve recently upgraded to a PowerWave 604/150 and it is a screamer. I now seriously recommend Power’s machines for anyone looking at the top end (sans heavy built in video reqs) with an eye on their pocketbook. A great MAChine, at a great price.

Thanks for your good work.

Ted Van Duyn

I agree that PopChar is a fine program, and will be reviewed as time and space permits.
This is the eleventh issue of My Mac, and we have only scratched the surface when it comes to shareware!
As for Power Computing’s Mac’s, I can only take your word for it. I myself have not been fortunate to play with one much, but if I were to buy a new Mac, it may well be a “P.C.”.
And speaking of P.C….

From My Mac #10, “Notes From the Editor”:

“I have a confession to make. I want to buy a PC.”

Boy, you really had me going for a few seconds there, you sly dog you! 😉

Loved your article “Into the Abyss”, but gotta tell ‘ya, I was alone in the house, dead quiet. The volume was turned up on my Mac. I clicked on “Hommer” (Homer?-sp). Boy, howdy! Don’t you *ever* do that to me again!!!!! <big grin>

Going to check my shorts now – take care,

Jim Thurber

Heh! Sorry about that, Jim! DOCMaker supports sound, and I had been wanting to add some from time to time, but other than “Classic Beep”, I never found just cause to add any. (They suck up space better used for other things). But while trying to think of a good ending point for “Into The Abyss”, well, Homer summed it up best! (Besides, I can sound just like Homer’s “Doh!” when I try. Homer is my role model.)

I know that nightmare

Your story “Into the Abyss” is one I know all to well. So many times have I have been called to “rescue” dead or dying PCs. “Unfortunately” I do understand what Autoexec.bat and the rest of dos and win”dozes” cryptic commands mean (95 does little to hide its origin and is still a pathetic rip off of the Mac). After fighting these machines all day at work I keep my sanity at home with my Power Mac.
Keep up the good work on My Mac.
Looking forward to the next issue


Other than your going home to your Mac, I can’t say I envy you!

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