Otterbox Rugged Cases

On January 18, 2007, in Cases, Review, by Owen Rubin

Otterbox Rugged Cases
Company: Otterbox

Case Tested: Treo 1920 Rugged Case
Price $129.95

Do you take your iPod to places it should not really go? Have you dropped it in the dirt, got it wet, seen it covered in dust, sand or dirt, or do you constantly drop the thing and hope each time it will not break? Are you one of the millions who drop your electronics into the toilet each year? (Yes, it is true!) If you say yes to any of these things, then I have a product for you. For lack of a better definition, I will call it the Hummer SUV meets the iPod case, and when you see and use these, I think you will agree.

Otterbox has made a great number of rugged cases for a great number of different uses for a long time. Their goal is to protect your equipment, your iPods, your gear, and yes, even your cigars, from the harsh elements. Given that this is an Apple related site, it would seem obvious to look at their iPod rugged cases. Unfortunately, one small problem for me is that I do not own an iPod, so it would be a bit difficult for me to test one. But fortunately for me, they do make one for my Treo 650, so that is what I am testing to get an idea of just how they perform.

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