Mirrorless Mover i30 Camera Bag Review

Mirrorless Mover i30 Camera Bag Company: ThinkTank Photo Price: $69.75 USD http://www.thinktankphoto.com A long time ago, when I first became interested in photography, there

About Russ Walkowich

Russ Walkowich is the longest contributing member of MyMac, starting back in 1995. He has served as writer, author, editor, and spiritual guide to a tribe of MyMac Founders in all that time.

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ThinkTank Photo Accessories

ThinkTank Photo Company: ThinkTank Photo There are many companies providing photo gear, and some of them have unique items. It this review, I’ll look

About Steve Hammond

Steve is a computer geek, and he has been for many years. He has studied computer science for 15 years, with a college degree in computer science, a backchelor degree in computer with a minor in mathematics, and a Master degree in computer science. In high school he was initiated to computer on an Apple II, then his parents bought him a Commodore 64, then a Mac Plus. But in computer science, DOS and Windows PC were used mostly, so he switched to the dark side for a while. In 2000 he began doing some photography, then discovered iPhoto which make him come back to the Macintosh in 2002. Since, he became a Mac geek again and he sure won't turn back to the PC.

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