The Kid Who Would Be Captain

On October 1, 1997, in Apple Cart, by Susan Howerter

There I was, quietly dithering about a contribution for October’s “My Mac” when the bottom dropped out of the Apple Cart. Apple had apparently swallowed Power Computing whole and spit out the rest of the clones along with their licensing, their future and even their ready to ship, hot into the box, next generation Macs. I scrapped the column for this story – a story that wrote itself. So, is there a silver lining behind each cloud? Who knows. But I have finally learned how to spell ‘license’. Which reminds me, why a multiple choice ending? Maybe I’ve been a teacher too long.


The Kid Who Would Be Captain

A MacTragedy With A Multiple Choice EndingOnce there was this kid who wanted to be Captain. He was a dreamer, a schemer, a genius. And, as is the way of those who shift the world, he burned with a maniacal fire. Marbles were his passion. Not just any marbles. His marbles. He wanted to reshape the world as he remade the game. He would make the most marvelous marbles ever made. When kids called “Roundsters”, it would be his aggies that rolled across the ring; his shooters that brought ease and delight to sore knuckles. Someday his name would echo through the Marbles Hall of Fame.

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Bits and Pieces
My Mac Magazine #25, May ’97

On May 1, 1997, in Bits and Pieces, by Grant Cassiday

Computerworld was allowing itself the freedom of public punditory discord in April. A page 2 letter from the editor read “Go for it, Larry.” The reference is to Larry Ellison, President and CEO of Oracle. Larry recently launched a trail balloon into the swirling crosswinds of Wall Street traders and the Silicon Valley press concerning a recurring dream he has of taking over Apple and saving the company from its frightful management nightmare. Computerworld’s editor thinks the situation is desperate enough, and Apple technology good enough, to merit a dramatic takeover of the company. To Ellison, editor Paul Gillin says, “You and your friend Steve Jobs are dripping with vision … You’ll be a hero.”

The commentary on page 123, however, is a little bit different: “How about if I comment on Ellison’s plan to drive Apple into the ground.” One theory on this page is that pals Ellison and Jobs are always trying to one-up each other in all manner of things … and a hostile takeover of Apple is just another power wedgie, Jobs would have to call his buddy Boss. The commentary goes on to accuse Ellison of just wanting attention. “If Ellison really wants Apple, he just has to sit down and cut the check …. But corporate raiding — well, that gets a guy noticed.”

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PowerBase 240

On February 2, 1997, in Review, by Adam Karneboge

PowerBase 240
Company: Power Computing, Inc.
Estimated Price: $2,095

If you’re looking to buy a new Power Mac, but you really can’t afford the pricey 604e processor, you may really want to consider what Power Computing has to offer! Based on the Alchemy architecture, the PowerBase 240, although the price doesn’t show it, is anything but low-end! With a 603e processor running at a blazing 240mhz, the PowerBase 240 is giving 604-based desktop systems a run for their money!

What’s Inside
The PowerBase 240 features a PowerPC 603e processor running at 240Mhz, a 256K Level 2 cache, 16 Mb of EDO (Extended Data Out) RAM, 2 Mb of VRAM, a 1.2 GB IDE hard drive, and an 8x CD-ROM drive. This also includes the keyboard and mouse. The PowerBase also comes with a great first-rate software package, making this computer a steal at $2095.

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eMail page My Mac #15, July 1996

On July 4, 1996, in Email Page, by Tim Robertson

RE: Will Apple Be Sold?

I whole heartedly agree. Who cares if Apple will be sold! I own a Power Computing PowerCurve 120. What a machine. But what makes it a Mac? The MacOS.

As long as the hardware side does not get in the way of the OS, I am content to have Apple make (the) systems. But if it continues to be in the way, Apple should drop it and aggressively hunt down and license other manufacturers to do it for them and the market.

I truly hope and pray, by the way, that the currently circulating rumors around Gateway 2000 and Apple come true. Even though Gateway 2000 makes schlocky Wintel systems, they sell a lot of them. Aaannnnddd, other vendors such as Compaq and Dell would then look seriously at doing MacOS systems. Then Apple can cruise and forget the hardware business.

God Bless,
Timothy A. Malloroy

Gateway 2000 and Mac? Humm….

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