MyMac Podcast #505: Red vs Blue (or Black or Green)

On May 20, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast


James Turner joins the GMen in a rollicking show that quickly and somewhat willfully gets completely out of control practically from the very start. Gaz has problems with a Time Machine, Guy has a blank screen, and James is questioning his life choice of coming on to podcasts with weirdos. OH and there was some useful bit and hard drives.

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Guy’s App PickVideo Editor Pro by David Team. $29.99. Looking for a multi-track video editor with a small footprint that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? If your needs are relatively light, give Video Editor Pro a try. Multi-track drag and drop editing, crop tools, some text tools, and so on. Nothing too fancy, but it works well. Lacking in some of the basic onscreen tools (like splitting a clip which requires a keyboard shortcut) but for $30 it will most likely meet all your basic needs PLUS it accepts a lot of different formats without the need to convert them first.
Gaz’s App PickWhatSize £10.49.There are alternatives, go to this link if you want to try some
James PickMonument Valley $3.99. A puzzler of “monumental” proportions! (yeah I went there)

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Dave Hamilton gets caught! – MyMac Podcast #438

On January 15, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Please wish David Cohen your ABSOLUTE best wishes in the hope he gets better soon.

Probably our longest show EVER, but it was all worth it as we had an extended conversation with Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab Podcast and BackBeat Media about Macworld, podcasting, how to sound good (like he does) and not so-so (like the GMen). Also some talk about how you should NEVER, EVER say bad words (but we sometimes do anyway). James Turner and Fitz John Baptiste has questions for the GMen and so can you over at our G+ MyMac Podcast page.

Gaz’s App Pick: Spotify Premium
Guy’s App Pick: Shatoetry
People’s Pick: Fitz John Baptiste chose Color Splash for iOS

No Power Makes Guy Sad
MyMac Podcast #410

On July 5, 2012, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Almost had another Gaz solo show with no power at Guy’s house for three days, but the power company fixed it just in time! If this had been Guy’s only problem over the last week it would have been no biggie, but this was just the tail end of Guy’s woes and he’s determined to tell you all about it. Gaz sticks to a more normal life (for Gaz anyway), with expensive FaceTime roaming charges, transitioning out of MobileMe, and another great Mac tip for this week.

Big thanks to James Turner for agreeing to step in if Guy couldn’t make it. Find him and all his great WoodPad iOS products at

Some Links


Guy’s App Pick: All the great native apps with iOS to get him through no power
Gaz’s App Pick: Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations .99 at the iOS App Store 

People’s Pick from Macnatico is Google’s Chrome Web Browser

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