Exodus On-Ear Headphones with 3-Button Apple Control and Microphone — User Report
The House of Marley
Price: $100 to $150 online (This link is from Amazon’s USA product page.)

Note #1: This review product appears to be out of stock on the company’s web site, although it is available from Internet and retail merchants.

Note #2: You are advised to read other longer and more detailed online reviews of these headphones. These reviews present a fascinating profile of Exodus and additional competitive premium headphones. Some of the reviews have lively writing and caustic reader feedback.

Note #3: Exodus headphones will be too tight on your skull upon removal from House of Marley’s exceptionally recyclable packaging. Stretch the ear pieces length-wise across and onto a large box of Kleenex or other household tissue to stretch out the too tight metal spring outer C-frame for as many days as possible before attempting to wear Exodus with comfort. You can connect the audio cable during this frame-stretching period and play a variety of music at medium volume to condition the headphones’ speaker drivers, which we recommend for all listening equipment.

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