Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen – Review

On January 16, 2013, in Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen
Company: Macally
Price: $14.99
Works with: any touch screen device, including iPhone and iPad


I’ve reviewed a few Macally products for, and have been pleased with all of them. The Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen is no exception.

As soon as I took the stylus out of the box I knew it was a winner. It’s lightweight, yet heavy enough to know I’m holding something. When I put the Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen down on a table it usually doesn’t roll. If it does, the shirt clip stops it very quickly. No worries of the stylus rolling off the table and ending up who knows where!

What I like best about the Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen is the fact that it has two rubber tips. How many times have you picked up a stylus and touched the screen with the non-nubbed end? A bit scary. Both ends have rubber tips (hence the name), so there’s no accident waiting to happen.

The dual tips are different sizes. One is wider and flatter, the other is a little narrower and taller. I don’t see a difference when using either end of the stylus to draw or write; maybe an artist would.

For styli users who also like having a built-in pen, the Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen will fit the bill. The cap is quite secure; it won’t be falling off anytime soon. While in use as a pen, the cap fits over the opposite end of the stylus and can still be used as a stylus. The pen itself writes smoothly and beautifully.

I’ve been helping a friend set up and learn how to use her new iPad. We ordered a case and a few cheap styli. I asked her the other day how she liked the styli. She thought they were just okay, nothing special. I showed her the Macally Dual Size Tip Stylus with Ink Pen and told her a little bit about it. After looking at it for about 20 seconds, she responded, “I’d gladly pay $15 for this. Where can I order it?”

That’s when you know you’ve created a good product. Review Rating: 8 out of 10

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