Unsung Mac Hero

Roger Born’s The Dinosaur on Your Desk 02/03/04 (MyMac) column had me thinking again about the Mac, concepts such as ease of use, utility and the elegant human interface.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I read an article about Jef Raskin, a rather unheralded inventor of the Mac. I decided to dredge it up since Roger had brought up a related topic. I found the article thanks to MacSurfer.

The Pacifica Tribune story is not very well-written (the author seems to add importance to boost its profile), but not so bad. I get the feeling Raskin has not been given his due; that’s something the author has successfully relayed.

Raskin was left out of Apple’s official 20th anniversary celebrations, apparently. But that’s just the way it is with megacorporations. When you’re no longer with them, or you get fired, you’re no longer with them. According to this article he still has a following though.

His book, The Humane Interace, looks interesting. I plan to get it. The summary is fascinating.

Raskin’s comments about The Ten Commandments are classic.

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