Mac OS X Disc 1: The Basics DVD

Review – Mac OS X Disc 1: The Basics DVD
Tim Robertson
Publisher/Owner, Columnist, MacRelevant
Monday, 10/20/03

Mac OS X Disc 1: The Basics DVD
Company: TackyShirt

Price: $39.99

So here we have a great idea: make a DVD that will show how to use Mac OS X, or at least the basics of the system. Great production skill went into this DVD, with some beautiful screen shots, crisp and clear video, and a few experts to walk you through it all. But why, oh why, would you put the hideous looking Shawn King in there? I mean, the guy cannot even speak in a clear voice, stumbles all over his words, and worse of all, I hear he is really a closet PC user! (HA! Just kidding!)

Seriously, here is a DVD in which any new user (and those not so new) that will teach the basics of Mac OS X at a pace anyone can follow. Being a DVD, any DVD equipped Mac, PC, or home DVD player can play the disc. It is, really, more of a learning video than anything else. Throw in some commentary from some of the most well known Macintosh personalities, John Welch, Andy Ihnatko, Bob LeVitus, and Shawn King, and you cannot help but enjoy and learn at the same time.

TackyShirt did a great job producing this DVD. As the talking heads describe the features of Mac OS X on camera, you get to see great video overlays of what they are speaking about. For instance, if they are describing the System Preferences, you actually see it in action. This is helpful for those who don’t like to read long, technical books but do want to get the most out of their machine.

I thoroughly enjoyed this disc, and think it would be of enormous help for many new Mac OS X users. I have a few people new to computers in mind that I will recommend this DVD to.

I do think, however, that Mac OS X Disc 1: The Basics is a little overpriced. I understand that bringing in the talent TackyShirt did, as well as the time and production, costs a lot of money. And with the stellar job they did putting it all together, this was an expressive endeavor. However, forty dollars is not a small sum of money for some people, especially those who just plunked down a few grand for a new computer system.

One of the most compelling reasons you will want to watch this DVD is the hosts of the lessons. The four guys they selected to wear tacky shirts and talk about Mac OS X are four very entertaining people. (Except for Shawn King of course.) They make learning the Mac OS X fun, in a way you simply cannot duplicate in a book. The lessons are not really lessons at all, but rather computer guys sitting around talking. The animations that the production people put in really is what makes this DVD so special, but honestly it is the personalities talking that makes the disc watchable.

What is on the disc:

Four hours of training, broken up into sixteen lessons. 16.9 Widescreen presentation. Region Code Free. The lessons include:

Dock. Mouse. What’s Different? (Between Mac OS X and Mac OS 9).
System Preferences, including Personal, Hardware, Internet & Network, System, and Others. Finder. Printing. Folder Structure. Internet Setup. Basic Maintenance. Home Networking. Books and Magazines. Web Resources.

As I said, other than Shawn King being on my TV screen, I really enjoyed this disc. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but I am a firm believer in that you get what you pay for. When I spoke to TackyShirt, Inc. before writing this review, I asked them when Disc 2 would be out. While there is no set time at the moment, I hope they decide to produce another DVD to go along with this one. A disc for more advanced users.

Thanks to TackyShirt for having the wherewithal to produce a much needed DVD. I hope a lot of people go and buy this DVD if you are new to Mac OS X. It is a lot of fun, you will get a lot out of it, and while expensive for a DVD, it is well worth the price.

Oh, and for those wondering, yes, I was just teasing Shawn King. He is funny and informative on the disc! Bob LeVitus, on the other hand…

MyMac Rating: 5 out of 5


Tim Robertson

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