Now Hear This! 2.1

Now Hear This! 2.1


Now Hear This! 2.1 does what Balthazar does, but goes much beyond it. While Now Hear This! can also convert .wav sound files, it can also convert sound suitcase, Hypercard stacks, sound edit, sound wave, and any other type of digitized sound files! Now Hear This! also supports Drag and Drop.

What sets Now Hear This! apart from Balthazar is that you can use Now Hear This! to extract sounds from applications. Say you have America Online, and you wanted the “Welcome” sound as a system 7 sound file that would play when you started up your Mac. Simple start Now Hear This!, select AOL-Files-Sounds, and save the file as a system 7 file. (To play at startup, drop it into your “Startup Folder”)

I tested Now Hear This! on every kind of sound file I could find. No problems were ever detected. In fact, Now Hear This! performed flawlessly. I used it to extract a few neat sounds from KeyWack 2.0!

So if you have a program or application that has some sounds you would like to have as system sounds, then please give Now Hear This! 2.1 a try. A very worthwhile freeware product. The author can be reached at

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