Why Stack Browser Is Becoming Popular Among Online Multitaskers

Traditional browsers haven’t changed much since they were invented. Because of that, people use browsers the same way too.

Unfortunately, this largely affects productivity and multi-tasking.

The fact that you can only see one tab at a time on a single browser window requires you to either manually switch windows or put them side by side.

Enter Stack Browser — the new browser in town that completely changes the game.

Here are some reasons why multitaskers love Stack:

Unique Interface

With Stack, tabs are things of the past. Instead of having to switch through tabs, you can now slide through cards, which are aligned side-by-side.

Unlike regular browsers, you can literally see different cards at once. No need to do another click or two to see what’s going on other websites you opened.

This gets even better…

You can also organize cards into stacks (row of cards). Then, you can group stacks to create space.

This unique interface and organization make it feel like Stack is a 3D operating system.

Different Workspaces

Do you find yourself opening the same websites every day?

What if you can open all the websites you need for work? If you open the same websites for entertainment, imagine if you can open all of them at once…

With Stack, that’s easy!

Every time you open a website, you can add that card to a specific space. Meaning, you can add various apps and websites you need for work and other ways you spend your time online.

You can even have as many spaces as you want and you can cycle through by simply clicking the control or command button plus the “L” key.

If you want, you can also share your space with others through email.

Multiple Accounts Login

Have you ever wonders why you’re only able to log in to one account at a time on a regular browser?

That’s because each login is an instance — and unless you open incognito or another browser, you can’t have different instances or logins on one membership website.

With Stack, you can log in with multiple accounts on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and more. In fact, you can do this with any other website under the sun.

This is possible because Stack allows its users to create a unique instance per card. Meaning, you can virtually log in on any website as many as you want.

Awesome Shortcuts

Stack shares the commonality of having shortcuts with other browsers.

For example, while in Discord, pressing the control button plus up or down would enable you to switch servers.

If you replace the control key with alt, you would be able to cycle through individual channels.

Add in the shift button with alt and you cycle through unread messages.

But there’s a unique shortcut you can do with Stack that you can’t do elsewhere — the “switch”.

Switch is basically a shortcut to everything in Stack. You can go anywhere you want within Stack with one shortcut only.

It’s even getting more powerful each day.

These are only some of the reasons why multitaskers love using Stack. The ultimate goal of Stack Browser is to help its users level their productivity and do more things in less time.

Check Stack Browser if you feel like you need a little oomph in your productivity and multitasking.