Why iPhone So Expensive

Many people favor iPhone because it brings good things to them although it is very expensive. Customers don’t complain about the price of the iPhone they just buy its products. Here is an article about why this type of phone is so expensive.

Iphone’s security

Apple products are very expensive because of their security. Apple maintains strict security in all their products, which has earned the trust of the blackjack customers. Apart from that, when it comes to security, no one doesn’t wants their data to be safe. And this is why big celebrities, superstars are always seen using the iPhone. Moreover, if common people like you and me are so concerned about cyber security, think about what celebrities like them might think.


One of the reasons why Apple products are very expensive is because of a showoff. Apple fans are just buying it because of peer pressure without considering if it brings bad or good things. In addition, people are competing on this type of phone to see who is running the latest version. And people with apple products often come from rich families. It is very rare to see people with poor backgrounds with an iPhone. And this makes Apple products remain to have high prices. 

Software And Hardware

If you buy an android phone, it will have phone speed, online gambling apps, camera, and good battery and its performance will be good in all aspects. But with time the performance aspect will slowly start to decrease. And this makes it different from Apple products. In addition, Apple products have all the aspects of android but they last long. This is because iPhones have good quality material in their hardware. Also, apple products have the best software and hardware.  

In conclusion, apple products are very expensive because they offer the best software and hardware. And its security is the best.