Why I Need Hurricane Impact Windows

A hurricane can cause serious damage to your home. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes you must modify your home in a way that you get maximum protection. Hurricane winds can move up to 200 mph (miles per hour) and can easily damage your doors, windows, and it can cause structural damage, flooding and more. There is a solution to this problem though. You can add hurricane impact windows to ensure that you and your family remain safe during such occurrences. While the main reason for having this type of window is protection, here are some of the other benefits.

Impact Windows Require One Time Installation

The good thing with impact windows is that you only need to install them once. Unlike hurricane shutters that you place temporarily during the hurricane season, impact windows will be a permanent feature. It means then that you never have to worry about storm preparations since your windows will always be in place. The one-time installation saves you money, time, and ensures that you are never caught off-guard.

Get Insurance Discounts

Insurance premiums are very high for those living in the coastal states. As a homeowner living in this region, you would save some money if you get discounts on your insurance premiums. Since this is a high-risk area, insurance companies appreciate it when you make an effort to add an extra layer of security to your home. According to Dean Fulton, an insurance agent around the Fort Lauderdale area, many policies will allow you some discount if you have proper upgrades at each entry point in your house. So, adding impact widows will have you saving some money.

Reduce the Cost of Future Repairs

After a hurricane, the damages to peoples’ homes are very costly. After Hurricane Irma, Florida residents claimed more than $8 billion for property damage. According to the experts, it could have been even worse if homeowners in Florida did not have adequate protection. People in Florida had laid down sandbags and set up storm shutters that significantly minimized the damage this hurricane had to their houses. Adding impact windows according to John Morales who is a chief meteorologist adds on to a layer of protection and further minimizes damages. You not only protect your home, but you also get to avoid spending a lot on repairs.

Home Security

Storm impact windows do not only protect your house from the effects of hurricanes. These windows are very tough for them to withstand very strong winds. It means then that burglars would have a tough time if they try breaking into your house. This added level of security will save you some money you would have spent again on burglar-proof windows.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Utility bills can go very high during the summer. You can find ways of reducing your energy consumption, one of which is adding impact windows.  These windows feature impact-resistant glass that also acts as an insulator. The heavy-duty windows prevent air from escaping. You will not need to keep your HVAC system running throughout when you have these windows thus saving some money.