Why do iPhone Users Think They Are Too Good for Android?

Will the fight between Apple iPhone users and the Android users ever end? We really do not think so. Some people have always been Apple users from the start and some have switched from Android to iPhone. Whilst some people have always been Android phone users. 

However, what we can tell you is that both sides of people are willing to defend their brand choice. Now Apple users feel as though they have made it in life. For some, as long as you can play online casino games on the phone by visiting goldenrivieracasino.com  that is all that matters. However, keep on reading and find out. 

When the iPhone was released, it took the world and the industry by storm. When people were least expecting it, then boom! It came in with dual cameras, face id and this was it right what people wanted. Apple was able to get its teeth into people’s wallets before you could even blink. In addition, the stainless steel frame mesmerized some, it keeps getting better. Moreover, from that moment onwards buying iPhones just become a habit for most. 

The status quo has always been an important part of human life. And, no one can run away from that. With an Android phone, the mobile operating system did improve it has betting online app , but that does not mean anything to iPhone users. Apple phones have been known for their extravagantly high prices. In addition, this means that automatically they are better.

Now the belief behind Android phones is that they are for the poor population. They are affordable and that is the reason why people get them. They are the second best and the middle-class people get those because they can’t afford the alternative. Well, that is another argument posed by many.

Samsung Galaxy phones have since advanced and even caught up with the iPhone but is that still not enough? The battle as to which is a better phone still stands even when both phones have inherited the beauty of the phones before them.