What’s New in macOS Mojave?

macOS Mojave is an exciting update to Apple’s Mac operating system. It brings a redesigned and more intuitive Mac App Store, a new file system called APFS, Dark Mode, security updates including Continuity Camera, and FaceTime.

New Features of macOS Mojave

Dark Mode

macOS Mojave delivers an entirely dark theme throughout the system, from apps like Mail and Finder to document windows and menus. The dock also adopts a stylish dark gray look theme that helps cut down on the distractions present while you work. Dark mode limits the number of bright colors and white backgrounds for a more comfortable experience.

Apps can also adopt a dark or light appearance depending on the color scheme chosen by the developer, but Apple has included some apps that already make use of dark mode in macOS Mojave. You can activate dark mode by opening System Preferences, clicking General, and selecting Dark Mode.

Enjoy secure and unrestricted internet browsing

You get many benefits by using a VPN service on your Mac. First of all, it protects your data and prevents internet trackers from tracking your location and online activity. Second, VPNs provide you with access to restricted sites in a specific physical location. There are many excellent and reliable providers, but start with a test for free VPN software on Mac and make a decision on which is the best free VPNs for Mac. After installing a VPN client on your Mac, connect to a server in the desired location. Watching videos on YouTube or another site is possible as well. Finally, VPNs encrypt your traffic not to be spied upon by third parties.

Autofill Passwords

macOS Mojave introduces a new way to autofill your passwords using the built-in Safari web browser. Through this feature, you can securely save your passwords and usernames for websites and quickly access them when you visit those sites. All your passwords and usernames are now manageable into specific categories for easier access. Password autofill works with Chrome and Firefox.

Face ID

macOS Mojave also includes an all-new Face ID system, similar to the one on the iPhone X. This new version is more accurate, supports Apple Pay payments, and unlocks your Mac when you approach it by reading your face. Face ID replaces the old system of using a password to unlock your Mac, and you can also use it to approve app installations and Apple Pay transactions. You can enable Face ID in System Preferences by clicking Security & Privacy and then selecting “Use Face ID.”

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions menu, accessible by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of an app window, has been redesigned in macOS Mojave. This menu now includes a list of actions specific to the current app, such as creating a new document or previewing a file. 

Additionally, you can now control how an app is displayed using the View Options menu. You can now choose between the “traditional” list of windows or a split-pane view that makes better use of screen real estate. You can find this menu by right-clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of an app window.

New Mac Apps macOS Mojave replaces some older apps with new versions, including Stocks, News, and Voice Memos. These apps designs fit in with the overall style of macOS Mojave, and they feature new content and capabilities. For example, the Stocks app provides a list of stocks you own and their values over time. The News app gives users access to multiple news sources and delivers personalized recommendations based on their interests. The Voice Memos app includes iCloud support, which lets you access your recordings from any device. 


Among the prominent new features in macOS Mojave is the addition of a dark mode. Dark mode changes the operating system’s look to primarily black and white, which is easier on the eyes. There are also new security features, including the ability to autofill passwords and use Face ID to unlock your computer. In addition to these new features, Apple has made several improvements and alterations that affect the entire experience.