What Tech Tools Do You Need in Your Office?

If your Mac is your lifeline in the office and outside of it, it is important to have the right tech tools to support it and to ensure that you can complete the majority of your office tasks on a single device. This article will cover the best tools and software that you can download onto your laptop or another similar device to allow your business to run smoothly through your gadget.

1. Intranet Software

Technology can often make employees feel disconnected from one another, especially if you conduct the majority of your business on a gadget or if you work from home. However, intranet software can allow your employees to stay connected and with your brand by giving them a simulation of office culture. Follow this link to find out more about Simpplr, including how their remote working tools can help employees to hear about company news and speak to others that are working in different departments, even from the comfort of their own home.

2. Document Storage

Have you ever walked into your office only to complain about the vast amounts of paper and documents floating around the area? Although most businesses have decided to go paperless now, not every company has found an appropriate document storage application which can securely look after all of their files. Some of the best options for Macs include Google Docs and DropBox, as these allow you to store and access your files from any device, including a mobile phone. They also give you the option of editing them within the same app.

3. Office Suites

An office suite’s importance to your office is in the name. Office suites can provide your business with word processing services, as well as spreadsheet tools, among others. Although you might believe that Microsoft Office is the only suite that is readily available, this is not the case. Many Mac-friendly suites can even be found as free downloads. The best options include LibreOffice, iWork, and Apache Open Office. 

4. Accounting Tools

To get their business finances on track, good accounting software is one of the most important tech tools that every business will need to succeed. Accounting tools can help you to create invoices quickly, monitor your expenditure, prepare for the end of the tax year, and create financial forecasts- all on the same app. The best of these include QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and Zoho, all of which are luckily compatible with Mac devices, and each have mobile apps that can allow you to manage your business outside of the office too.

5. Web Browsers

The internet is integral to most businesses due to their need for an online store and digital marketing campaigns, as well as their need to conduct research. However, web browsers for Macs are not all in the same league. Although most businesses have the option of using Safari, you should also consider looking into alternatives, which range from Firefox and Google Chrome to Edge Chromium.