What is purpose marketing?

With the internet, people are connecting more frequently than ever before. The internet has also made it easier for companies to seek the attention of their target audience. Purpose marketing aims at forming a connection that is more meaningful to the client. This marketing strategy makes your company’s cause available to your customers. Also, it helps you target your audience and help them to connect more fully with your brand. Here is everything you need to know about purpose marketing.

  1. Benefits. Surveys show that customers are more willing to support and recommend brands that have a purpose. You may have noted that people like to share posts from charities and individuals appealing for positive community changes. The same applies to companies and brands. Most people also prefer to work with a company that has a sense of purpose. As such, it makes sense to use purpose marketing to reach your audience. Purpose marketing also increases positive thoughts about your brand and encourages customers to choose your company over others.
  2. Consumer Expectation. Apart from the increased need for companies to speak up for causes they support, consumers also demand that they do so. Studies show that most people believe that companies must do more than just make money. Brands must also positively impact society. Consumers will support and share content with their social networks from purpose-driven companies than traditional ones. Purpose marketing also enables you to up your game, especially if you allow your customers to participate in your mission.
  3. Alignment. Not only does purpose marketing impact your customers, but it also redefines your brand as a whole. When you find a cause to stand behind and make it part of your brand narrative, you will see how it changes your employees, customers, and investors. The cause will create a shared mission that brings everyone together. If you want your brand to succeed, looking for a cause to stand behind is an excellent way to reach your audience and make a difference at the same time. Purpose marketing sets your company apart because it allows your customers to know that you are not in the business just for the money.  
  4. Impact of Generation Z. Generation Z is at the forefront of shaping purpose marketing. This generation makes up about 41 percent of the world’s population. Generation Z is passionate about issues such as social care, mental health, and climate change. Equipped with technological resources, this group acts as self-educated agents of change. Companies cannot afford to ignore this generation’s cause-first approach to consumption. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased this generation’s call for change and a responsible way of doing purpose-driven business. Generation Z has made companies realize that their success depends not solely on profit but also meaningful contributions to society.

Leveraging the power of purpose marketing can go a long way in attracting and retaining your company’s best talent. For more information on purpose marketing, visit StrawberryFrog.