Top 5 Websites to Buy a Virtual Number: Expanding Your Communication Globally

When considering the purchase of virtual numbers, potential buyers often grapple with several key questions that can make or break their decision.

How can I ensure reliable service across different countries? What variety of number types can I access for my specific needs? Are there flexible payment options that accommodate global transactions?

Addressing these concerns is crucial for anyone looking to leverage virtual phone numbers to expand their business reach or streamline communications. In this post, we explore five leading providers that not only answer these questions but also offer robust solutions tailored to diverse communication needs. From extensive geographical coverage to a multitude of features enhancing user experience, we delve into what makes each provider stand out.

Top 5 virtual phone number providers


  • Coverage and Types of Numbers: offers an extensive range of virtual numbers in over 90 countries and thousands of cities, allowing businesses to establish a local presence globally. Users can choose from various types of numbers including local, mobile, toll-free, and SMS numbers tailored to different communication needs.
  • Call and SMS Features: The service includes advanced features like call forwarding, which can be routed to landline, mobile, or VoIP/SIP numbers worldwide. There’s also support for multichannel call forwarding and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which help streamline customer interactions by providing menu options and routing calls efficiently¬†.
  • Customer Support and Additional Services: offers round-the-clock customer support and the ability to receive SMS messages, enhancing the versatility of their virtual numbers for business communications.
  • Payment and Accessibility: Customers can purchase services using multiple payment methods, including various cryptocurrencies like¬†USDT and Bitcoin, providing flexibility and ease of transactions.
  • Applications and Benefits: The virtual numbers are ideal for businesses looking to expand internationally without the need for physical presence, travelers needing consistent contact numbers, and corporations managing multiple international offices. They also offer cost savings on international calls and require no special equipment.


Similarly, provides a wide array of virtual number services designed to cater to businesses expanding overseas. While specifics would need to be checked on their website, they typically match in terms of service variety and global reach.


AVOXI excels in offering virtual numbers in more than 170 countries, boasting strong coverage in Africa and the APAC region where other providers might not reach. Their platform includes advanced features such as call forwarding to multiple devices globally, customizable virtual attendant menus, and text message forwarding, all supported by 24/7 customer service.


This provider is renowned for its flexibility and comprehensive feature set, which includes international call forwarding, customized greetings, IVR, and no-contract flexibility. allows businesses to choose plans based on call volume and feature needs, ideal for companies that experience fluctuating call volumes.

5. Nextiva

Nextiva offers a robust unified communications platform, making it a top choice for businesses that need reliable and scalable virtual phone services. Features include unlimited voice calls within the US/CA, a free local or toll-free number, advanced call management, and CRM integrations. Nextiva is particularly suited for businesses looking to integrate their communication tools into one platform.

Comparison table

Here is a comparison table that outlines the key features of the top virtual phone number providers mentioned in the blog post:

ProviderTypes of NumbersNumber of Countries CoveredAdditional Features
Telnum.netLocal, Mobile, Toll-Free, SMS, Disposable90+Cryptocurrency payment, IVR, multichannel call forwarding, 24/7 customer support
Freeje.comLocal, Mobile, Toll-Free, SMS, Temporary phone numbers100+Customizable greetings, IVR, SMS to Emai
AVOXIToll Free, Non-Geographic, Local170+Call forwarding to multiple devices, customizable virtual attendant, text messaging
TollFreeForwarding.comToll Free, Local120+Customizable greetings, IVR, SMS to Email, time/day call routing, no contract
NextivaLocal, Toll-FreePrimarily US/CAUnlimited calls in North America, CRM integration, call management, video conferencing

This table provides a high-level overview of the offerings from each provider, showcasing their flexibility and suitability for various business needs. If you need detailed information about any specific provider or plan, visiting their official websites or contacting their support can provide you with the most accurate and updated details.


Choosing the right virtual phone number provider can significantly enhance your business’s operational efficiency and global reach. Each of these top five providers offers unique benefits suited to different business needs, from extensive geographic coverage to advanced communication features. By selecting a provider that aligns with your business requirements, you can ensure seamless communication across borders, fostering growth and connectivity.